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Part 12: All About Maduin

From now on, I will be level 99. This is not a cause of a bug, just a gamegenie. It makes the process of playing this game for 4-5 hours at a time for 1 glitch much more tolerable.

In order to solve why Banon suddenly disappeared after Maduin’s flashback, we must go back in time. Back the screen I know and love. And hate. Do you know how many times I’ve seen this screen to prepare for this LP?

Let's go ahead and start Locke’s Scenario.

The reason being is that after we Escape from South Figaro, we are outside the Figaro Cave. Going to a certain point inside the cave triggers the fight with Tunnel Armor, which after completed teleports you back to the scenario select screen. We want to skip this part entirely, you'll see why in a bit.

Knowing this, let’s do some airship glitch trickery. You know the drill.





Right, so we’re back at Locke’s Scenario with the airship. Doing this skipped a bunch of major events. Namely the fight with Tunnel Armor, but also all of Sabin's and Banon's scenario, along with the Narshe Fight. Regardless, guess where we're going to land!

Zozo! Technically because we have both Locke and Celes, we can land at Vector and be able to complete the sequence (which is slightly farther in the story), but it actually takes MORE time than landing at Zozo. Normally you can’t complete Vector because Celes and Locke (who we have) are scripted to move and interact, and without them it will break. However, completing Vector will render the airship you gain afterwards unsuable and it will disappear after you land due to having not named Setzer. You then have to go to Banon, get the sequence where Terra is told to go to the Esper Cave, then walk all the way to Zozo,

Oh fuck it just go to Zozo initially and play through the game as normally.

We’re back at Zozo, having cleared Vector and the Opera House and about to encounter Maduin in his flashback.

At this point we haven't messed with anything that disturbs this sequence, so it goes off without a hitch.

After the flashback is over, we have the Airship again. Let’s go back to Locke’s Scenario and finish up the Figaro Cave to retrigger the scenario select screen.

Here we are. Ignoring Sabin and his long painful scenario, let’s go ahead and choose Banon and Company.

All seems pretty standard, floating down a river like normal

Oh God Banon, what happened

I don’t really –

Are you OK?

Um, off the raft. Let’s see what’s up with Banon

Banon, uh, you look a little sick. And a little like a deformed Ditto version of Terra. Maybe we should throw you into the front of the party and see what you actually look like.

Oh! Hi Maduin!

By now we’ve seen the character switching explanation several times, and this character switching occurs in the same way as all of the others. Banon and Maduin exist in the same character data. After finishing the Maduin flashback, Banon’s data is replaced by Maduin, and by returning to the scenario select screen and selecting Banon, it pulls the data from that slot. Normally it’s Banon. In this case? Maduin.

The reason why Banon disappeared and our party was filled with every character available in the previous update, it's because the script got really confused. It was told to add the temporary slot character when he already existed, so instead it decided to put every available character into our party.

Maduin as a whole isn’t very special a character. Luckily, unlike the glitched Mog/Umaro, he as Fight and Item commands. I’m not sure why since he was never meant to fight, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were dummied in for playtesting.

If you’re wondering why he looks so awful in battle and his character portrait is so messed up, it’s because neither exist. They don’t expect you to fight with Maduin or look at the character portrait with him, so they just pull sprite data from garbage locations.

There’s really not much to do at this point except go into Narshe. But first?

Chocobo Time!

Yeah, these are all absolutely devastated.

In Narshe there isn’t much to show. The character sprites that show laughter, surprise, damage, etc all don’t exist for Maduin. He only has walking sprite animations, so these look like garbage

Unfortunately Narshe is ultimately pointless to go into. After completing this, we’re thrown back into the Scenario Select screen with Sabin. And you can only get so far with Sabin. If you don’t remember, because of how far we progressed in the story, the game removes the Guards from Doma Castle, causing the script to crash during the Cyan Recruitment scene.

So, unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do with Maduin. Alls we can do, is never complete Narshe, maybe fight some Rhobites, and save him in our file as a trophy.


Next Update: We finish off the Let's Play/Let's Break

Oh, and if you have an idea of what's coming next - Please keep it to yourself, not even in spoiler tags. Also, you're probably wrong about it!