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Part 11: Assume Something About A Ducktales Joke

Howdy, folks, and welcome back for the final update of Breath of Death VII: The Beginning! Last time, we defeated the final boss, the Ultimate Evil, and saved the undead world by sacrificing ourselves so that Dr. Dark could travel back in time and prevent the world from being totally fucked. Today, we're going to go through the (really fucking short) bonus dungeon, so let's dance.

When I say really short, I mean it's friggin' short. The total time I took for the video here was four minutes and five seconds.

Enough of that shit, Lita, we've got bonusing to do.

And Super Secret Caving.

Truly, no greater place of peril lies within this world...

Within these stone walls lies an evil far greater and more powerful than you can imagine.

It's not these guys. Even if they do give me slight PTSD flashbacks.

They're not super impressive, but they are annoying. I've never seen them show up in groups of less than five.

This is mostly the annoying part, the slight health theft. It's not much and something I can fix with zero effort, but it's still annoying when enemies can recover health.

You've now seen a quarter of the new enemies offered in this dungeon.

That's counting the boss. It's entirely possible that there is an enemy in here that I didn't encounter, but I'm not that worried about it.

What's this? A side passage? Clearly, it leads to treasure!

...After an encounter, of course.

So, I have no idea what Paladins have to offer in battle.

Sasquatches hit like they've been taking steroids, but are nothing to worry about.

With Holy Blast and Holy Strike, I never found out what Paladins could do because I just fucking nuked them before they could act.


But, when you've killed all their friends, they don't have much to offer in the way of resistance, so they get fucking wrecked.

Onward, to--

Fucking water? Not even a turtle to hop across with? Hell, let me take a drink!

Are you ready to lay eyes upon the ultimate monster in this world? Are you ready to attempt your brain trying to comprehend such a creature of great power?

Well, uh, well, let me get a little closer. It's only a sprite, and you can do just so much with those.

Look, just wait until you see the actual thing, in battle. It's much more--

I'll just show you DoubleNegative's reaction, since I'm pretty sure it's a good summation of your own.

Steam Chat posted:

Leavemywife: Well, that bonus dungeon wasn't shit.

DoubleNegative: I guess it's hard to be shit when it's 6 minutes long

Leavemywife: I didn't remember it being so short.

Leavemywife: Considering the other dungeons in the game, I had no reason to think it was so short.

Leavemywife: You remember the bonus boss?

DoubleNegative: I never played BOD7


DoubleNegative: Seriously

DoubleNegative: That rejected pool toy is the bonus boss

Well, it has a shitload of HP, if nothing else.

So we start out by pulling out our highest hit moves, and boosting Dem to stupid levels of power.

That doesn't seem like much, but it's only round one. I also only ever saw him do this basic attack, so I'm not sure if he has other moves to use and just didn't use them.

If that is the case, then I'm incredibly disappointed with this boss. Sure, it's pretty powerful, but just single target attacks? How is that dangerous?

I don't like anything else about the guy, but I do like Erik's raw power.

Now, I'm not saying this fight is something you can sleep through. You definitely can't, since the Dragonduck is just going to keep getting stronger and stronger.

But it is definitely a slugfest, where you'll be going blow for blow with the beast, doing everything you can to deplete its HP before it kills off your party.

But, since it only has single attacks, it's easy to keep people going. For my party, Dem and Sara are both faster than it, so one of them can heal another if need be.

The fight still takes a loooooong time, though.

However, eventually, like all other monsters, it falls to our superior might and powerful weapons.

And...Yeah, that's certainly a reward.

Oh, and we get the standard RPG reward of an extremely powerful weapon for the main character long after we'd ever realistically use it.

Jesus Christ on a crutch, that is one hell of a sword.

And to finish things out, have one last round of character statuses.

Just as quickly as it began, this LP is over. I know I talked a lot of shit about the game while doing this LP, mostly about the writing, I think it's worth giving a play. The combat system is very polished and one of the best I've encountered in a game, and it works so well. While this game has its faults, and I won't deny them (I certainly haven't, thus far), it's still a good game. Cthulhu Saves The World is a spiritual sequel to the game and improves upon this game in pretty much every conceivable way, and I fully intend to show you that next. I only did this LP before that one as a sort of "I told you that story so I can tell you this one" sort of deals.

With that said, we're done here. Call this another LP in the can for me, and I'll see you all next time, with Cthulhu Saves The World.