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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 5: Chapter Five: Thief

This update is almost entirely made up of plot. Enjoy!

*Knock Knock* *Knock Knock*

: Eh? Who is it?

: A job? Really? Well, what are you waiting for? Come on in!

: So lemme get this straight. You want me, a semi-respectable, mostly-legit Ranger to break into some guy’s house and steal something?

: The man has stolen a priceless treasure from me, and I’m asking you to bring it back. Please, you must believe me.

:…I dunno…I don’t really do that sort of thing anymore…All that thievery stuff just makes Ryu nervous. We’re clean now. Sorry, but I can’t help you here.

: I am a rich man, Mr. Bosch. I can give you enough money to set yourselves up anywhere you wanted. As for your associate…what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, hmm? We can come up with a story he’ll accept after the deed is done.

:…Anywhere we want, you say?

: That Whisper Hood will be safely back in your hands before the night’s out. Ranger’s honour, or whatever!

:…Just once more. Just one more heist, and then nothing ever again. See you later, buddy…

: *Yawn* Ah, the start of a new day. Bosch? Huh, he’s not here. He sleeps like a log, I normally have to wake him up. Maybe he went out to hit the town or something.

: Still dark out, huh. Lousy winter months. I’ll just go for a short stroll outside to stretch my legs…

: What? Why?


: No, that can’t be right. Bosch, he…he promised that he’d...oh, Bosch, you moron. Damn, I better find that idiot before anyone else does. Trout, huh? He lives to the north…

: Ugh!

: Watch where you’re going!

: Tch! Who on earth runs around in this sort of light?

The kissing couple have moved, meaning we can now enter the richer side of Newhaven.

: I’m gonna enjoy hunting that sorry mutt down like the dog he is! Make sure he knows that!

: You’ll have to wait till I’m done with him first. I can’t believe he’d do something like this…

: Ryu…Ryu! Over here!

: Hm? Oh, Mr. Kilgore.

: Bosch only went into Trout’s mansion at my request. You must believe me!

:…Tch. Be thankful you’re a noble, Mr. Kilgore. I doubt you’ll have to deal with the fallout from this. *Sigh*, I can’t find Bosch anywhere. Guess I better head back home…


:…Bosch. What the hell were you thinking?! Burglary, and you targeted Trout of all people! Don’t you know he’s in tight with the Church of St. Eva?! He is not a person you want to screw with!

: I’m sorry, I really am! Kilgore said we’d be set for life if I did this one thing for him. Look, I know it looks really, really bad, but I’m telling you, I didn’t do it!


: I’m serious! I didn’t take the Whisper Hood!

:...Alright. You’re my friend, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for now. You had better explain everything.

: So, here’s what really happened…

Music: Find The Truth

: Kilgore sent me into the mansion to get back something that Trout stole from him. That’s the story I know, anyhow.

: Before you ask, yes, there was a lot of other nice loot. No, I didn’t get the urge to steal any of it. See? I’m a good boy.

: But when I made to pick the lock…

:…the vault was already open…

: That girl with the funny bat wings took everything! Including the Whisper Hood!

: But she got away, and I got left holding the less-than-proverbial bag!

:…No. No, not really.

:…Yeah, I suppose you’re right. But anyway…

: We gotta find her fast and ask her out! I mean, get her to fess up!

:…How odd. I ran into a strange girl when I was looking for you. She also had a pair of rather leathery wings.

: R-really?!

: Yeah. Okay, here’s the plan. First we-

*Knock Knock*

: Oh crap! Someone’s coming! Hide me, hide me!

: The bin! Get in the bin!

: Think it smells better than a jail cell? Then get in.

: Bosch! I know you’re in here!

: And you! I know you’re friends with the perpetrator! Don’t try anything foolish!

The soldier checks around the room briefly…

: We’ll hunt him down like the dog he is!

: Too much information, Bosch.

: Those rent-a-guards probably have the whole town cursing my name by now! How am I gonna get out of here?

: Hold on, Ryu! I’m in a garbage can! You can just carry me around! No one will suspect I’m in here! Okay, so I’m not the lightest load, but what’s a little heavy lifting?

: Yes, Bosch. I remember Nero. I’m just staggered at how you think I’m going to be able to cart you all the way there.

: Note to self: lay off the pies, the cakes and the sausage links!

: Whatever. Let’s just leave before that guard comes back. Now, how am I going to get past the gatekeeper…