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Part 6: Bonus Update - The Dragon Tear

The Dragon Tear is a special mechanic in Breath of Fire II. From time to time during conversations an icon in the shape of a jewel will appear in the top right corner of the text box. The colour of the jewel is not always the same, and the icon occasionally flashes and changes colour entirely mid-conversation. This icon is the Dragon Tear, and it measures other people's feelings towards the protagonist.

The major colours can be found below, along with a brief description of their meanings. Please note that these are based on my own observations rather than anything official.

: Purple. Indicates that the person you are speaking to is rotten to the core and their intentions towards you are the epitome of evil.

: Dark Red. The person hates you with every fibre of their being.

: Red. Indicates feelings of intense dislike.

: Orange. Generally means the speaker is angry about something.

: Yellow. Seems to indicate a neutral temperament.

: Green. The person in question is feeling more positive.

: Turquoise. The next step up from green, indicating that the person likes you.

: Blue. Proof of a very close friendship.

: Flashing. A flashing Tear indicates the highest kind of bond between that person and the player character, akin to a soulmate.

There are also some other minor colours that are variations on the above, ie. a light lime green colour found between Yellow and Green. They seem to be the stepping stones between the more major sets of colours.

With that in mind, here's a sheet of all the various Tear sprites and their numerous colours. Also included are pictures of the Tear whilst it's flashing.

The Tear doesn't appear very often, but when it does it usually signifies something/someone important. Although I'm fairly certain it has no direct impact on the game, it's an interesting idea and usually one of the things people remember when they think of Breath of Fire II. The Tear also appears in Breath of Fire III, although it's downgraded to an Antique that can be sold for money, and Breath of Fire IV, where it is an equippable accessory.