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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 9: Chapter Eight: Coliseum Heroes

: Okay, time to talk to the manager.

Music: Find the Truth

: Hello, Mr. Argus.

: Your first opponent is a petite young maiden…that is to say, a girl. Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?

: What are you saying?

: Despite her feminine wiles she nonetheless possesses the fighting instinct of a wild animal. She’ll be quite the challenge.

: That’s true. Looks can be deceiving.

: Indeed they can.


:…The script?

: That’s right.


: In this corner…Bunyan! A warrior with a mad gleam in his eye and an unquenchable thirst for blood!

: And finally, the audience! Cheering with the force of a storm as the maniacal Bunyan mercilessly crushes the life out of the girl!

: Now hold on a second-

: No matter how bad your stage fright gets, I’ve taken measures to ensure that my script is executed flawlessly!

: Hey, that’s-!

: Of course, there’s always the chance -you- might get hit by accident…but that’s entertainment!

: It’s deadly work, but I assure you, you’ll be richly recompensed for your performance!

: Listen! I’m really not okay with this!

: Think of the money, dear boy!

: This is insanity. I have to warn the other fighter somehow.


The chest contains 1000 zenny. That’s a lot, particularly considering how little you get from fighting random encounters. Now, before anything else, it’s very important to go back to the Bank and deposit all of your funds. ALL of them. The next scene doesn’t trigger until you try to go through the door, so there’s enough time to go back.

: You look white as a sheet. Didn’t peg you as the type to scare easily!

: Oh, Rand! Listen, we have to stop the fight! Argus is planning to shoot poison darts at the girl – it’s some sort of demented scheme he’s concocted!

: No, it’s true!

: It’s the Battle Show, for crying out loud! Nobody’s supposed to get killed! It’s all just fun and games!

: Argus told me all the details of the plan himself. He offered me 1000 zenny in order to go through with it. The manager himself is the one who thought it all up!

: All right. Let’s try this.

: Take it. I’m not touching any blood money.


: If you and the girl each swig one before the fight, those poison darts might as well be spiny spitwads. How about that?

: Yeah, alright. I hope you can convince the other fighter – Argus seemed to think she was a real firebrand.

: I’m sure she’ll be reasonable about this. I’ll go and see her right now.

: H-hey! Are you alright?

: You were right about her being a firebrand!

: So, what now? The odds of getting her to listen are just about those of me winning a beauty contest…

: All you gotta do is throw yourself in the line of fire and take the bullet…er, dart! Of course, there’s still the problem of her ripping you apart before you can save her…

: Somehow I doubt it’ll be that simple.

: Pearls of wisdom indeed…

:…I’ll be right there.

Alright! Ordinarily, Rand would have taken all of Ryu’s money and used 1000 of it to buy the antidotes. However, since the scene with Rand doesn’t occur until the player tries to walk through the door, it’s possible to game the system by putting all your money in the Bank. You don’t lose any money, and Rand buys the antidotes with imaginary cash.


: Just make sure you shoot one of the fighters before the curtain falls!

: But…what if we miss and hit the other guy, sir?

: What? No, it doesn’t matter which one you shoot! As long as we end with one corpse and one champion, all the other variables are meaningless! Gahahahaha!

: Ugh, what a din…

: Hey! Listen to me! There are snipers in the audience! They’re going to fire poisoned darts at us! We need to stop the fight!

: Pfft! Yeah, right! You think I’ll believe you just like that?

: I’m dead serious! Argus is a psychopath who wants one of us dead, and he doesn’t seem to care which of us it is!

: If you’re trying to psych me out, you’ve failed…big time! You’ve just earned yourself one A-Class butt-kicking!


Music: 29 – Dramatic Battle

The fourth boss fight of the game is against Lin, named Katt in Capcom’s original script. Lin’s difficulty can vary wildly depending on what she chooses to do. She has two abilities – a physical attack with a high critical chance that can strike for around ten damage per hit, or a taunt that has the potential to drop Ryu’s attack down to almost nothing for the next attack. Lin is also very fast and will always attack first. Her taunt has a chance to fail, so if she uses that a lot the fight will be easier. However, if Lin spams her physical attack and gets lucky with her criticals she can put Ryu in a world of hurt.


At this point the player’s objective is to push Lin back into the door she walked out of when the fight began, thus shielding her from the poison darts. It is possible to fail here, and there will be repercussions if the player does not succeed.

: Ah! Damn, I got hit!

: I guess ‘I’m sorry’ would be a good start…or maybe ‘thanks for saving me’? I’m no good at this ‘apologizing’ stuff…

:…I am awake, you know.

: Huh?

:…Sorry I didn’t believe you about those poison darts…

: It’s fine. It’d be a pretty crazy story to believe at the best of times.


:…But risking your life for someone you don’t even know? And not getting paid for it? Now that’s really crazy!

: Less crazy than allowing an innocent person to die without doing anything to try and save them.

: I won’t say I understand why, but you risked your life to save mine, and for that I owe you.

:…You don’t have any problems with that, do you?

: Not at all. We need to do something about that monster.

Lin joined the party! Next time we confront Argus and I finally put that Firecracker to good use.