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Part 16: Bonus Update - The Hunter's Cabin

Verbose posted:

You should probably stop and talk to the monster hunters and the creepy woods behind their shack.

It turns out that I totally missed out on a neat little bit of foreshadowing by skipping over the Hunter's Cabin. As such I'm haphazardly shoving it into the LP right now.

Well, here it is.

Nope. Why don't you enlighten us?

What charming fellows these hunters must be.

Insert typical snide LP'er comment about how "I'm sure this will never be relevant at all." or somesuch.

Judging by the random encounter rate I'd say you and your friends have been slacking off, buddy.

Most of these guys go on about Uparupas.

Monster Hunters - educating the masses, one slaughtered animal carcass at a time.

Oh, someone here knows about Lin's race! Let's ask him about-

We can also walk out the back door and go into the forest outside the house.

A pond. I have a pond in my garden, you know. It's not a very big pond, but frogs live in it. Frogs are awesome, they eat all sorts of harmful insects.

And here are the Algerfruit blossoms. So yeah, basically the hunters are all enormous assholes and at some point we'll probably be meeting one of those Uparupas they kept talking about.