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Part 19: Bonus Update: Stuff the Party Says, Part I

As mentioned previously, now that Ryu and co. have a proper headquarters party members will hang out in their rooms when not in the active party. That's not all, though - you can talk to them as well, and they'll say different things depending on what the current quest is. Sometimes it's just a generic line about how they wish they were going with you, sometimes it's a bit of flavor text and sometimes it's lines of backstory that aren't mentioned anywhere else in the game. It can be quite difficult to know exactly when the dialogue will change from the current spiel to a new one, and getting back to the Hideout takes a long time until we get the Warp spell, so I apologize if I miss any.

The first available bits of dialogue come after Ray's Benediction. Let's run through them all.



It turns out that between games Wyndia (Or Winlan, as BoF I called it) has become slightly more isolationist. Nina says she'll tell us about it, but it might not happen for a while.


Lin complains about her room, then realises that she's still kind of got nowhere else to go and it's not really her house.


Sten is his usual lecherous self.

He'll give this answer no matter which option you choose.


I'm skipping Rand because his comment is the same as it was in the last update - that Ryu's lucky he built so many rooms otherwise some of the party would be sleeping on the floor.

Expect a full update later today.