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Part 23: Chapter Nineteen: Amazing Frog

Music: 04 – Dungeon

: Oh look, another pressure pad. Because there weren’t enough of those here already.

: Be careful – the witch is just beyond this point.

: Welcome to my parlour, my knight in shining armour! It seems introductions are in order! Please call me…Nympho.

: Master, you lucky dog! Why do all the ladies go for you, eh?

: It’s more trouble than it’s worth, believe me.

: Uh…well…there is the small matter of a frog…

: There’s a frog in your throat? Oh, a frog sent you to me! How sweet!

: That’s the long and short of it.

: Well, that’s perfect! In exchange for my services…you’ll give me some service yourself!

:…Oh dear.

: Ryu…you mustn’t let-

: Master! If you don’t want to, I’ll gladly step up to the challenge! She won’t be disappointed with me!

: I’m not going to change you into anything…I’m just going to keep you with me forever, and ever, and ever!

: H-hey, wait a minute! I didn’t agree to anything like that!

: Is it because I’m a witch? Is that it? You’re scared of me just like all the others, aren’t you?

: Can you blame me?! When you turn people into frogs and statues and then drop really creepy comments every other sentence it’s rather hard to not find you just a little bit terrifying!

: *Snigger*

: Have at you!

: A little help here, guys!


Music: 10 – I’ll Do it!

Hey, it’s a boss fight! We haven’t had one of those in a while. Anyway, this battle is against Nympho. As you’d expect from a witch, Nympho has a number of spells at her disposal – she has access to the entire first tier of magic spells, including Flare, Frost and Jolt. The latter is the most dangerous since it hits every character for around 30-ish damage. Nympho can also cast Heal on herself to recover 40 HP, although that’s honestly not too much of an issue at this point since the party can easily outdamage her healing ability.

No, the real issue with this fight is Nympho’s special ability, Dream Breath. This ability is no less annoying than when the Man Eaters began using it so long ago. If you’re unlucky it can mean your entire party falling asleep and forcing you to watch as Nympho wails on your defenceless characters with her magic.

However, Nympho has a fatal flaw – her HP total is pathetic, far less than Goncharo’s. It is possible to beat her in only two turns by going all out from start to finish via unloading all your most powerful attacks as fast as possible. This includes using one of the Dragon Whelps – it doesn’t matter which, since Nympho has no elemental resistances. Sten should cast his strongest spells until he runs out of AP, Rand should attack and heal as needed and Nina should repeatedly cast Lightning until Nympho’s HP runs out.

In Capcom’s original script Nympho was called Nimufu. Both are obviously puns referencing the fact that she seems to be quite the nymphomaniac.


: Why me? The most beautiful witch in the land and not a suitor to her name…No one but that hideous, slimy toad!

: Hey, hey…just calm down, okay? Crying isn’t going to solve anything. Perhaps if you just stopped overreacting and doing horrible things to people you’d have more luck, hmm?

:…*Sniff* Alright.


:…I’ll even turn everyone in the tower back to normal.

: Now please, leave me be…

The party can now leave the tower. All the petrified people inside are now back to normal, although none of them have anything interesting to say aside from puns about it being a petrifying experience.

: Okay! No more interruptions! We turn the frog back into a man and then figure out a way to get into Fort Nageur.


: Something wrong, little lady? You’ve been quiet for a while now.

: Hmm? Oh, it’s nothing…

: We’re back, and we found out how to break the curse. Apparently the kiss of a young maiden will do the trick.

: Huh? What are you-


: Oh. Oh dear. Uh…oh jeez. I’m sorry Nina, I didn’t even…

:…It’s…alright. I’ll do it.

: That’s what the witch said, anyway.

: If you don’t want to, that’s fine. We’ll find someone else.

: No, it’s fine. There is no need to delay just because it makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

: It’s for a good cause…it’s for a good cause…it’s for a good cause…

: Uhhh…hmm…

: No peeking, you damn monkey.

Suddenly the whole forest starts to explode!

:…Huh?! He’s still a frog? Is the curse still in effect?

: Bonjour, ladies and gentlefriends, and merci beaucoup! Allow me to introduce myself!


: It is just as I said, monsieur! Though I had the awful appearance of a common frog, in truth I am a noble prince!

: It has the most splendid view of the lake…as a matter of fact, it is right in the middle of the lake!

: But of course, his saviours will also receive, how you say, the royal welcome!

--Alternate Scene--

There is a different version of this scene that can be viewed if you have Lin take the plunge and kiss Tapeta instead of Nina. Here’s how it goes.

: R-right…p-pucker up…and p-plant one on him…e-easy…

: Oh, this won’t be pretty.

: Uh…sure. Good luck.

It’s hard to convey with still images, but Lin literally slingshots herself at Tapeta and bounces right off his face.

And from here on out it’s the same as with Nina’s version.

--Alternate Scene End--

We are given the opportunity to place Tapeta into the party, which I do. Once you try to leave the forest, however…

Alright! The Hideout has begun its metamorphosis into a proper town. I’ll be doing a few special updates on Township once we’ve progressed the plot a little. The next update will be a special sidequest update where I show off some of the things you can do once you have Tapeta in the party, as well as venturing into the murky depths of the Wildcat Café. Expect it probably sometime tomorrow.