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Part 24: Bonus Update: Stuff the Party Says, Part II

Tapeta has joined the party and the Hideout is growing into a proper town. Because of this an event flag has been triggered and any party members left behind have new lines of dialogue.



That's a nice thought, Nina.


Lin is being her usual impulsive, impatient self. Don't you worry Lin, you'll be back in the party fairly soon.


Sten's lines whilst in his room are the same as last time, but he has something new to say if he appears in the living room.

Is anyone surprised by this? I'm not surprised by this. Although his line about Sanamo in particular is amusing since it actually becomes relevant once we begin to examine the Shaman system.


It's a situation I'm sure we've all found ourselves in. You start out doing some DIY work on an old lean-to and the next minute you've built a city the size of Manchester in your back garden. It's crazy.


Having been evicted from his old room Bosch now hangs out in the main building with everyone else.

Oh you don't need to worry about that, Bosch. It will certainly be worth the sacrifice.


Enough of that, though - what does our new companion have to say?

Tapeta points out that we can't actually progress the plot without him. Without him in our party it's impossible to cross the lake around Fort Nageur.


That's all our companions have to say for now. This is just a short bonus update before I upload the bigger one I promised yesterday - it'd probably be best to expect it sometime this afternoon.