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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 27: Chapter Twenty One: Frog Trap

Music: 09 – Fly Pudding

: It’s obvious to everyone who the real impostor is! The people ought to be trying to depose him, but no! The impostor could order every man, woman and child in this entire castle executed and not a soul would stop him!

: *Glub Glub Glub*

: Hmm? Hey! You didn’t tell me you couldn’t swim!

: Ah! You’re awake!


: That was what you people call ‘drowning’, wasn’t it?


: You musta been really out of it, Ryu. You were mumbling something about flowers…

:…What? Flowers?

:…I’m okay. I think I’ll be alright, anyway.

:…but the situation would have been worse had the guards seen us. You heard it from them yourself – my brother, the true prince, has been imprisoned by an impostor posing as him.

:…I’m not sure. Your claims are going to be difficult to prove. Is there anything more you can tell us about this situation?

: My brother is a bit…irresponsible. He’s always travelling somewhere or another.

: That’s strange. Surely someone would have noticed the difference immediately?

: My people are not the type to question or argue. None of them are willing to raise an objection. Even my father, the king, has been deceived…

:…Okay, we’ll help. But after we’ve unmasked the impostor, we’d like to ask you to help us chase down a certain thief who we know recently came here to Fort Nageur.

: You have my eternal gratitude! Please, take these. I’m certain they’ll be of service to you.

: Huh, sounds kinda useful. At least we won’t be drowning anytime soon!

: Of course, they won’t protect you from the pressure in deep water, but they should help you get around the castle.

: You can reach the docks via the underwater path. If you need to leave for any reason, you can use the boat you’ll find there.

: Alright. Let’s get a move on, then.

We now have control of the party once more. Before we do anything else it’s important that we pick up a fourth party member to make up for Tapeta’s absence. This entails going back to the dock like Petape said.

The newly uncovered staircase leads down to an underwater ledge leading off to a separate docking area.

We can use the boat to return to the mainland.

At the campsite save area I switch up the party a little – it now consists of Ryu, Lin, Nina and Sten. Returning to Fort Nageur afterwards…

: So basically, this place has been taken over by a fake prince? Leave it to me! Ace Detective Lin is on the case! Let’s start right away!

: Hey, there’s a hole in the wall here! My detective senses tell me this is an important clue!

Music: 04 – Dungeon

The hole leads to a short passage with a set of stairs at the end.

The party enters into the kitchen area, with many chefs running around doing things.

: Hmm? Wait. Wait just a damn minute!

: What’s wrong, master? You look spooked.

: Down there, in the cage! It’s the thief I’ve been looking for all this time!

: This certainly is fortunate. Now we can help Petape at our leisure without worrying about the thief escaping us again.

: What did I tell ya, master? Fort Nageur is a tough nut to crack.

With the thief safely tucked away in her cage we are now very close to proving Bosch’s innocence. First, though, it would be a good idea to return to the main hallway and check out the newly available shops for new equipment.

Our money has been piling up due to there not being anything to spend it on for the past few hours. The total comes to just over 10,000 zenny, so it’s time to splurge on the best available gear.

Ryu gets a Saber, an Iron Plate, a Knight Helm and a Buckler. Lin receives a Copper Baton, an Iron Plate and Buckler. Sten kits himself out with an Iron Plate, a Knight Helm and a Buckler. Finally, Nina is fitted with a single Buckler, having already found superior equipment for herself in Nympho’s tower.

With the party geared up, it’s time to skip back to the kitchens.

A staircase leading down at the end of a mysterious corridor is our next destination.

: Hey, guardsman. We’d like to have a word with the…with the impostor, if that’s okay.

: Sorry, kid, but visiting hours are never. Prince’s orders. Nobody gets through, ‘cept over my dead body!

: I see. And there’s absolutely no way we can change your mind about this?

: Absolutely not. Now scram, kid. I got work to do.

:…That’s unfortunate.

: Eh?

: The life of a very dear friend of mine depends on me talking to that man. Move aside…or I will move you.


Music: 10 – I’ll Do It

This guy is a joke, especially with the second tier of Dragon Transformations under our belts. He doesn’t even last a turn or get a chance to attack, but I recorded a video anyway to show off Ryu’s Flame Dragon attack. If you don’t have the second tier then the fight takes a little longer. The Guard Captain has no special gimmicks aside from a very high counter-attack rate, but he does so little damage it barely matters anyway.


: With bozo – I mean, with that guard out of the way, we can talk to my brother! Come on! Hurry!

: Hmm? Hmm? Hmm? Non! The dessin, it is all wrong!

: Tapeta…


: Tapeta!

: Ah, my dear sister! What might you be doing in this horrible place?

: I’m afraid I am too busy being miserable with my current predicament to bring much conversation to the table…

For the record, complimenting his painting leads to a single line about how he thinks the lines are crooked but the colouring is great.

: We’re here to haul your ass out of the fire again.

: C’est vrai? Ah, words cannot express the gratitude I am feeling right now! Wait, I know!

: Oh, uh, no…we couldn’t accept such an, uh…such a wonderful painting for such a small task.

: Stop doodling and listen to us for a moment!

: Ah, it is not that I can, but that I am. Surely you understand? What use has a wandering artiste such as myself for trivial things like titles? If the world wishes to call me Tapeta instead of ‘Prince’, c’est la vie! There is still only one moi, and that is all that matters!

: Is this guy really the prince? He has no discipline at all! Maybe he really is a fake…

: *Sniff* You big dummy…This isn’t just about you, you know!

: Non, non! Do not weep for me, my sister! There are much worthier things in life for that! Oui, yes, being trapped in this place is not a fate to my liking. Perhaps it is time I, how you say, ‘flew the coop’?

: But even if you did escape, you’d probably just get captured again right away. Is there any way you can decisively prove that you are the real prince?

: A good point!

: My father and all his fathers that came before were in possession of that ring. Naturally, it was passed down to moi…

: Of course! The Royal Signet! That’s the key to clearing up this mess!

: If we can show it to everyone, they’ll have to recognise Tapeta as the real prince and dethrone that fraud!

: Tres bien, my sister! Go and show it to them!

:…You’re supposed to have it, remember?

: My dear Monsieur Ryu! It appears I must ask for your services yet again!

:…Why do I find myself dreading what you’re about to say next?

: Oh, goddamnit.

: Looks like I’ll have to, doesn’t it?

: Wait, you did what!? You let your ring get stolen by some spell-slinging hussy?

: Non, non, you misunderstand! Nympho, she is a very good witch, just…not very good with people, yes?

: You’re impossible, Tapeta! You can’t just go handing out royal property to every Tom, Dick and Sally like that!

: Ooookay then. Guess we better haul ourselves back to Nympho’s tower. We’ll get that ring one way or another, I’m sure.