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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 29: Bonus Update: Character Art, Part II

We've met quite a few new people since the last art update, so it's time to dig into my reserves of official art again.


Party Members


You know, lots of people online like to point out how Nina's wings are a sort of dark purple colour rather than black, but they're the same colour in her official art as well. Funny thing - I didn't actually realise Nina had long hair until I looked at her official art. I always figured she had short hair like Nina 1.



Sten and his long noodle arms.



Our latest party member is a bit of a clown so it's rather appropriate that he dresses kinda like one.


Non-Playable Characters


Nina's younger sister. The purely physical family resemblance seems to begin and end with eye colour, although as we'll see later that's not the only similarity between them.



Paladin Ray reporting for duty. Although he does a good job with the whole 'rugged badass' look, I can't help but think his fingernails could do with a good trim.


Dragon Forms

Whelp Form

No matter how many times I see them part of me still associates the Whelp forms with adorably scaly chickens.


Adult Form

Now that's more like it. Adult dragons - burning the world, 512 points of damage at a time.