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Part 31: Chapter Twenty Four: Depths of Peril

Music: 09 – Fly Pudding

: Here goes nothing…

: Huh. It’s pretty windy in here.

: The air’s blowing from upstairs.

: So there’s the windmill that frog-lady was telling us about earlier.

: It also looks like someone’s been strung up and left out here!

: Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

: I’m…saved? Thank goodness…

: We should get help. Hey, is there anyone you want us to find?

: Yes…

We met Fiolina near the end of the last update. She’s down in the courtyard still looking for her boyfriend. Let’s go tell her we’ve found him.

: We managed to find him. He’s up on the roof of the fortress. It looks like someone strung him up and left him there.

: What? Someone tied him up on the roof and left him there to die? No! Who would do such a thing?

: Here I come, Tata!

Tata’s girlfriend swims across the pond and runs off to the roof.

: Hey, are you okay now?

: Yes, thanks to you.

: I wish there was something I could do to help set things right…Tapeta may be an irresponsible idiot, but I’d take him over that tyrant any day.

: Well…it would be a great help if you could enlighten us about how we could enter the lower depths of the castle.

: The depths, you say?

: Here, you’ll need these keys.

: Thanks.

: Now we can continue on our quest to become Ace Chefs!

: I also stashed some extra zenny in the storehouse. Make good use of it.

: Don’t mind if we do!

Not a bad haul, since money is still somewhat scarce. From here we can climb down several flights of stairs to discover this room:

Our path is blocked by a metal grating, but we’ll be claiming these treasures before the plotline ends. For now it’s time to descend into the depths.

There are additional stocks of money hidden in certain wall panels in this room, to the tune of 3000 zenny each.

: So what, do we just jump in as they pass by?

: Looks like it.

: This can’t be a safe method of travelling…

: Oh come on! It looks fun! Just jump in and get it done!

:…Well, that’s that.

Music: 04 – Dungeon

: That must be the Greenbottle Tapeta was asking for!

: H-help! I don’t wanna die!

The Greenbottle unleashes a rapid fire ramming attack against the hapless soldier.

: Heeeelp!

: C’mon! We gotta help him! Over here, ya stupid buzzer! We’re gonna pound the crap outta ya!

: We’re currently working as chef’s assistants, and you happen to be on the menu.

: You’re welcome to try.

Music: 10 – I’ll Do It!

A boss battle against the Greenbottle? And so soon? Nope, this battle is actually a fake-out. No matter how much damage you inflict the Greenbottle will always endure and fly away at the start of the fourth turn. There’s no point in even attacking since the damage doesn’t carry over to the real boss fight. Defending for four turns is sufficient.

: Running away, huh? What a coward! Come on, let’s get ‘im!

: Before that, what about the soldier?

: Didn’t know that thing was down here…Damn…was that a Greenbottle…? Ugh…

: Damn. His injuries were too severe. If only we’d had a field medic…

The soldier fades away so that his corpse is no longer impeding our progress. With that we can now enter the depths proper, and from this point in we’ll be facing random encounters. As usual, I’ll give you guys the lowdown on all of them.

Ah, Mimics! Our old friends from the first game and many, many others besides make a triumphant return here in the castle depths. These oversized treasure chests are slow and have less than 70 HP, meaning all of our physical attackers are capable of downing them in one hit. One thing to be aware of however is that Mimics are totally immune to magic, so don’t bother casting any spells at them. They have a special ability that can inflict the Zombie status effect, but the Mimics are so slow they should never get a chance to use it. Groups of Mimics also tend to drop over 100 zenny once defeated, the highest so far. They can also drop Coins fairly frequently, which are a very special type of bait for the fishing minigame.

Arachnophobias are another poisonous spider variant. This particular one can poison the entire party with its Poison Breath attack. They’re also quite fast and will usually get the first hit in, so bringing along some antidotes for this dungeon is advised.

These are the main two enemies we’ll be facing here, although there are a few others who start to appear further in.

The Greenbottle fled leftwards through the doorway, but before we pursue him it’s in our best interests to head right and up.

: I don’t give a damn if it’s haute cuisine, there’s no way in hell you could get me to eat these bugs!

: Looks like the fake prince’s peons are having trouble gathering ingredients. Too bad…for them, that is.

Heading left and down from here will bring us to some treasure chests.

The chests contain a Vitamin and a Guts Belt. The Guts Belt is supposed to provide a bonus to a character’s Will stat, which provides a small chance of a KO’ed character reviving themselves with a small amount of HP. However, according to the all-knowing spergs at GameFAQs the item is bugged and does not provide any bonuses at all.

Well, that’s all for today. Next time we’ll be gathering all the ingredients in one fell swoop.