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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 33: Chapter Twenty Six: Out to Lunch

The world may be about to end, but this LP isn't.

Music: 04 – Dungeon

Now that we have all the ingredients we can return to Tapeta and advance the plot. Before that though, there’s a new item we can get down here.

The death of all the boss critters has cleared all the blue cockroaches out of the dungeon.

In the first cockroach room we have to take the bottom left exit.

If we had tried to come here earlier a guard would have blocked our way. Now that we have the Greenbottle said guard has vanished and we are free to proceed.

This chest contains a Stamina Up, an item that permanently increases Stamina when used. I immediately use it on Ryu – he’s the main character and will always be in the party, thus he will make the most use out of it. Plus we can cook up all the Stat-up items we want once Township’s kitchen gets going.

Anyway, it’s time to go back to Tapeta.

Music: 09 – Fly Pudding

: This better be what you really needed, Tapeta.

: Oui, they are perfect! And you even found the legendary Greenbottle! It is said that, in the days of old, seven travelling gourmands brought an offering of a Greenbottle to our earliest ancestors. It has been our people’s delicacy ever since!

: Enough history talk! You have what you need, so get going already!

: But of course!

: It seems you have finished gathering your ingredients…Very well. As soon as I am finished here, -you- shall be finished as well…

: Wait for us in the royal dining hall!

: *Sigh* Finally.

: At least someone’s having fun…

The dining hall is just up the stairs.

Both competitors come in and lay their offerings on the table. The fake prince leaves everything to his team of chefs, whereas Tapeta delivers all his cooking personally.

: You could have lived the rest of your pitiful life in peace as just another nameless prisoner, but no! You rise again to shame me, and for this I must make you suffer!

: Non, non, monsieur impostor! You misunderstand! To be the prince means to be the brother of Petape, and such a sister I would never wish upon my most hated enemy!

: I wish each of you luck, good sirs. May the best man win.

: That gave me a chill…Father is being abnormally coherent. I have a bad feeling about this…

: I’ve had a bad feeling ever since…ever. You guys better be ready just in case this thing turns nasty.

: Please do.

: I believe you will enjoy what I have prepared for you. We will begin with the ‘Worm Pepperoncine’, continue to my special ‘Stir-Fried Cockroaches’…and finally, we shall arrive at that most famed of famous delicacies, the ‘Fly Pudding’. Bon apetit!

The Head Chef moves forward and begins to sample the impostor’s dishes.

: The texture of the worm combined with just a hint of garlic…everything blends together just perfectly!

: It’s nice and crispy on the inside, but still moist and sweet on the inside…Excellent. Simply excellent.

: Oh! Ahaha! This is Bluebottle Fly you have here! Wonderful!

: The sprinkling of maggots in the pudding made the perfect complement to your use of Bluebottle. A virtuoso performance! Now, on to your opponent!

: For this competition, I have prepared the ‘Worm Caramel’…my ‘Cockroach Salad with Wild Onions’…and but of course, the famous ‘Fly Pudding’!

: Oh? I-I’m afraid you must be mistaken! I don’t remember ever teaching someone like you how to cook…ahem. Now, let’s move on to the judging.

: Oh! This worm meat…where did you find such a grand thing? This must’ve come from a giant! The taste is…

:…Something’s up. The chef was obviously about to praise Tapeta’s food, but checked himself when the other prince glared at him.

: So we’re going to have trouble after all, huh.

: Four…no, five years old! And free-range, at that! This is…this is splendid! Amazing! I can’t believe my…

: Where I come from, you cook roach with leeks, not onions. An amateur mistake.

:…Mmm? Oh! OOOHH!!! Pinch me, I must be dreaming! *ulp*!

: Is something the matter, sir chef?

: There’s some good fly in there, but it hasn’t been used to its full potential…Really, a disappointing waste here.

: Bullshit! The other Tapeta is cheating somehow!

: Indeed. This contest is clearly rigged. The chef cannot be trusted.

(I can’t find the music that plays in the next part. With that in mind I’m substituting in ‘Face Your Destiny’ since it’s just as intense and dramatic as the one that should be playing right now.)

Music: Face Your Destiny

: Objection! You may be able to dismiss the first two on minor technical flaws, but I refuse to believe you’d dismiss the third so easily!

: Er…I can explain…

: It is obvious that this competition is nothing more than a sham! The judging has been compromised by this so-called ‘prince’!

: I hereby declare Prince Tapeta to be the victor of the duel.

: Which one?

: But if you suspect foul play on his part…Surely you would be satisfied if the other cooks judged as well?

: What a crock of shit. This is just pathetic.

: The entire kitchen staff has been tainted!

This is another ‘But Thou Must’ decision where Petape will ask you over and over until you say yes. We comply with Petape and eat all of them, after which…


: Dammit Ryu, why did you have to go and do that? You’ve gone and screwed us all to the wall! If that bastard phony takes over, who knows what he’ll do to everyone!

: Oh god, she’s finally snapped. Fuck.

: I have fought too hard for this castle to lose it to the likes of you!

Tapeta and the impostor run off after Petape. Join us next time when we finally, -finally- put an end to this sad comedy of errors.