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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 39: Chapter Thirty: Devil May Cry

Music: 02 – My Home Sweet Home

: Hmm…monsters and demons, they are appearing everywhere it seems…

: I have a terrible feeling that this is only the beginning.

:…Let’s forget about that for now. We should go back to Township and figure out what to do next.

: Oh, hey Sylvia. How’s the Guild holding up? Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, I’ve been busy with…stuff.

: Hey! Whatever happened to ‘welcome back’? Even a ‘glad to see you’re not arrested’ would be nice…

: C’mon Bosch, it sounds pretty serious. Uh, sorry but…would you guys mind waiting around for just a minute?

: It is no problem. I will say au revoir for now.

: Take care, you two.

Music: You Must Live

: Hey, what’s going down, Powell? This doesn’t sound like the usual occupational difficulties…

: No kidding.

: It must be pretty damn terrifying if the entire guild is afraid to tangle with it. So, what’s the story?

: Gate!?! Did I hear that right? Ryu! That’s the place where you and I met for the first time!

: Yeah. I grew up in that place. I haven’t been there in…damn, over ten years now though.

Three of the rangers walk out the door.

: Hold the carrier pigeon! Why are you people saying ‘give up’ all of a sudden?

: Yeah. I mean, sure the monster might look tough, but if we all plan out how best to take it down…

: You’ve already heard most of the details. Bud, John, Powell and Wally went to investigate the disturbance near Gate and encountered a powerful monster. Given the choice between certain death and retreat, they escaped to tell the tale.

: We don’t have the strength to deal with a threat of this magnitude…All we can do is cross our fingers and hope someone takes care of that monster before the situation gets out of hand…

: Never fear, pops! You’ve got two A-class heroes right here!

: Yeah, we’ll see what we can do about this monster of yours.

: John and Wally are top-class rangers, and even they saw only madness in fighting the beast.

: Even so, Gate is my hometown. If there’s some sort of huge monster skulking around there, then…wait a minute. A huge monster…skulking around…near Gate…too big to fight, too strong to defeat…could it be…?

:…Hey buddy, you’re not thinking of…?

: Yeah.

: H-how did you…? You knew about this monster? Blast it all, why didn’t you say so sooner?

: We had no idea it was still around. We only saw it once, a long time ago. It only clicked that they might be the same monster just now.

: Almost killed us, too! I still don’t know how we made it! And there’s more where he came from…

: What…?

: That’s right. You see, when I was looking for the thief, I came across a number of-

: Yeah, that’s the short version. It’s not just Trout, either – I found other people in various towns and cities who also turned into monsters.

: Unbelievable!

: And I’ll give you one guess who kicked Trout’s ass! Here’s a hint – us!

: *Sigh* I don’t think I’ve ever been surprised this much in one day before…Since when did you two become so…accomplished?

: S-Sylvia! I didn’t…well, I never…Gosh, I think I’ve got a fan now! Heh heh!

: Someone better check downstairs, ‘cause I think Hell just froze over.

: S-Sylvia! The…smooching…can wait until later! Do you hear me, young lady?

: *Sigh* The impertinence of youth…In any case, through some curious twist of fate, it appears you two are the only ones capable of handling this job.

: Hear that, partner? The dynamic duo is back in action!

: Sure seems that way. I bet you could do it alone, though. One flex of your mighty biceps and that demon will probably flee in terror.

: I guess that is true…Oh, but don’t worry, buddy. I’ll try to leave some for you.

: How very gracious of you.

Music: 27 – Breath of Fire

: Whatever monsters you’ve fought before now haven’t even been practice compared to this one. This is the genuine article, and he won’t fall easily.

: Be careful…

: We’ll have to be, won’t we? There’s so much we still don’t know about this demon, not least of which how he’s managing to drain the vitality from the area around Gate.

: Have you heard of the race of Grassmen? It is said that the Grassmen can commune with plants…

: If we could find one, we might be able to enlist his aid in divining how this demon is troubling the forest…

: We’ll keep that in mind, Chief.

: We need Rangers more than we need dead heroes. Keep both eyes open and come back in one piece!

: Do I see a little dab of lady’s rouge upon your noble brow? For shame, thinking you could hide your exploits from moi! Ah ha ha!

: Well, what can I say? The ladies know a real man when they see one, heh.

: We shall do honour to that title!

: You said it, partner. Let’s get moving.

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