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Part 40: Bonus Update - Stuff the Party Says, Part IV

With Barbaroi's reappearance our comrades once again have new things to say.



Despite his big words earlier, Bosch begins to feel the pressure after the rush of freedom peters out.


As might be expected, Nina is fairly knowledgeable about magical races and creatures in general.


Go right ahead, Lin.


Rand is having doubts, and to be fair it's hard to blame him.


Melodia is what the retranslation renamed Tunlan as. I'm sure there will be no tedious filler quests there whatsoever.


This is pretty much the only hint you're going to get about where your next destination is. It's surprisingly easy to not investigate what lies south of Fort Nageur, particularly since you can only get down there with Tapeta's giant frog form and he's been out of the party for so long you may have forgotten that he has it.


I've got some antibiotics for my cough, so things are looking up on that front. I'll try to post a full update tomorrow before I go back to University on Monday.