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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 41: Chapter Thirty One: Circus Challenge

Music: 02 – My Home Sweet Home

: Our next task is to find a Grassman, correct? Where would we find such a being?

: They are supposed to be quite rare, I believe. Personally, I cannot recall ever having seen one.

: Oh, but that’s no problem! We’ve seen one before, haven’t we, Ryu?

: We have?

: Yeah! At the circus, remember?

Music: 27 – Breath of Fire

:…Oh yeah, we did, didn’t we? But look around – the circus left Newhaven quite a while ago.

: This circus, it travels the land, non? Why do we not check all the cities we have visited previously? Besides, I have always loved circuses…

: Sounds like a plan. Let’s check ‘em out.

: It doesn’t appear to be at Colossea…

: Nor at Wyndia.

: Can’t see it here either.

: Zut alors! This circus is nowhere to be found!

: There is always the chance that the circus has crossed the sea to Melodia or Evrai. It will be difficult to reach either without a ship, though…

: Damn. What now?

: Hmmm…hm? That sign…what does it say?

: ‘Bunwhales’? Sounds delicious! Let’s go and try some!

: Tapeta! Don’t just run off!

: Follow the signs, follow the signs, lalala…

So yeah, this next area can’t be accessed without Tapeta’s field ability. You have to turn into a frog and swim down the river.

The small beach to the south is where McClean used to live before we recruited him.

Before going further it is worth mentioning that this area contains a number of new enemies.

Scissor Helmets are extremely resilient and have a great resistance to physical attacks. Most normal attacks will deal single digit damage to these foes. This is where Nina’s Slice comes in handy, since two hits from it will take these creatures down no problem. These guys can also cast ice magic.

Sea Jellies are weak enemies who often run before the party even takes a turn. They have very low health and their attacks aren’t particularly strong.

Bottom Feeders are kind of in the middle. They have average attack and defence, a good amount of HP and the ability to cast buffing spells.

At the end of the peninsula lies a small hut, beneath which lies a distinctly fish-shaped cliff edge.

: Mmmm, the smell coming from that hut is most delicious!

: Honestly, Tapeta…

: Parfait! These snacks have quite a distinctive flavour…

: Hey, Ryu…look at that guy over there. Isn’t he one of the poor saps in Trout’s dungeon?

:…Do you know, I think he might be.

: Since we’re stuck here for now, I guess there’s no real harm in it, right?

: Oh, monsieur Ryu…if it is alright, I would like to stay here for a while and sample some more of these ‘Bunwhales’.

: Sure, knock yourself out. We should only be a few minutes anyway.

This isn’t just fluff – I really do go back to the Dragon Statue and switch out Tapeta for Lin. The reason for this should become clear shortly.

: So we’re goin’ in a cave now?

: I wouldn’t get your hopes up, Lin. It probably won’t be very interesting.

: The walls…they feel kinda sticky.

: They look weird too. Uh, are you sure this is just a cave?

: That’s what the guy said, anyway.

: Huh? Didja say somethin’, Nina?

: No, not at all.

: Huh.

: Okay, I definitely heard somethin’ that time!

: Yeah, I heard it too. Sounded like it was coming from deeper inside.

: It looks like a fence in blocking the way down, though.

: Argh! All these voices are getting’ on my nerves!

This is why Lin is needed. Only she can break the fence down here.

: Whoa! Calm down, Lin!

: This stupid fence was in the way! Now that it’s smashed, the way is clear for Ace Detective Lin to reveal the secret behind the ‘Mysteries of Whale Cape’! Down I go!

: *Sigh* Here we go again…

: Are you all right?

: Yeah, more or less. So, uh…how did you come to be down here?

: These little ones gave me a ride here.

: Certainly, my good sirs, you understand where you stand this instant?

: Well it’s fairly obvious that this isn’t any simple cave.

: Quite so.

Dun dun duuuuuuuuun!!!