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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 43: Chapter Thirty Three: Song of the Blue Whale

Music: 04 – Dungeon

: Lin, if you would.

: Always a pleasure!

: There’s a strange…‘presence’…in the air. I get the feeling we’re getting close to the idol.

: Is it beyond here?

: Almost certainly.

: Okay then. Here goes nothing…

: There it is! It, uh, looks kinda spooky. And by that I mean it’s gonna haunt my nightmares for decades to come.

: Eh? Scary? C’mon, ya scaredy-dog! It’s just a stupid doll! I’ll smash it and we can get outta here.

:…Wait a moment, Lin. I think there’s something written on the doll…

: Huh. That’s some pretty heavy stuff.

: I can’t feel any magic in the words. I think it’s just a warning rather than a literal curse.

Suddenly the doll flashes!

: It’s coming to life!

: Huh? It…kinda…rippled…

: It looks like it isn’t entirely ‘here’…

: It’s not just an idol, it’s an idol that subscribes to the philosophy of moon logic. Wonderful.

: ‘Cause I’m about to get to hit something! Right, Ryu?

: That’s how these things usually go.

: Well, it’ll be something to put on my resume, right? ‘Shot living doll to death with crossbow bolts’ will sound good to a prospective employer.

: I can’t help but be excited at the chance to see how this idol works.

: Huh. You guys know the drill by now.


Music: 10 – I’ll Do It!

Meet Munmar, the narcoleptic stone idol who turns out to be the cause behind Grandpa the Whale’s recent bout of lethargy. Munmar is a fairly easy boss. He is pretty resistant to physical attacks and takes half the usual amount of damage from them, but on the other hand his own physical attacks are reasonably strong and can deal around 40 damage to the frailer members of the team. Aside from his physicals Munmar has only one other technique, an ability called Nightmare where he attempts to put everyone in the party to sleep. It seems to have a fairly high failure rate, so it’s not much to worry about.

(As with the Wisps from the previous game, the video-capture really doesn't seem to like enemies with flicker effects, resulting in Munmar being invisible for almost the entire fight. Which is a shame, seeing as how he has a rather cool fade-in sequence at the start of the battle.)


: Whoa, talk about psychedelic!

: Wuh? Bwuh? It did a crunchy-thing and then a stretchy-thing and then bounced up and…uh…and went away!

: It’s black magic, Lin. Best not to think about it too hard.

: Oh don’t worry! I already forgot!

: Hmm, looks like the whale still isn’t waking up…

: I have something in mind. Follow me, everyone.

Zipping back to the beginning of the level…

: Lin. I’d like you to hit this wobbly thing as hard as you can.

: As hard as I can?

: As hard as you can.

: Alrighty then!

*Rumble* *Rumble*

:…In hindsight perhaps that actually wasn’t such a great idea.

Music: 16 – Sleeping Beauty

The tremors extend outside to the Bunwhale shack.

Rocks fall, but thankfully nobody dies.

Suddenly the cape itself begins to explode! The rocky fish shape crumbles and bursts, sliding down into the sea and revealing…

…Grandpa the whale. Who proceeds to swim out a bit, then blow water through his spout.

Oh my. That was certainly…unexpected. What could possibly happen next?