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Part 45: Bonus Update - Stuff the Party Says, Part V

Recruiting Deis activates another dialogue change. It overwrites the most recent dialogue and is itself overwritten by the next set, so it's not available for very long all said.



Basically the general theme is that Deis apparently likes Ryu a lot.


Pfft. Age is a state of mind, everyone knows that.


She may be stronger, but I find Nina's spell selection to be much more useful. Plus she has Slice which will always be welcome.


Deis actually has two bits of dialogue - this one and one when you talk to her downstairs.

Says someone who literally lives in a cave with rubbish and bottles strewn everywhere.


Oh Sten, you were never an expert at all you silly monkey, you.


Considering your luck with magical ladies I don't think this is an avenue you want to waltz down, Tapeta.


...What? This line makes no sense with regards to Lin's previous characterisation. Uncomfortably inappropriate Japanese writing conventions strike again? I mean I guess there's worse out there but this line struck me as really jarring.


And that's that.