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Part 48: Bonus Update - Stuff the Party Says, Part VI

The party has a bunch of stuff to say about Aspara, so let's hear it before we move on with the plot.



Aspara's gender (if he even has one) is never really made clear. One of his Shaman fusions is clearly female, but I'll get to that when I discuss the Shamanization system later on. I call him 'he' purely for convenience sake.


One wonders how a language based entirely on music would work. Would there be changes in pitch and tone to differentiate tenses? Down that path madness surely lies.


That's okay. Ryu and co. are always happy to beat the crap out of creepy, fat, perverted kidnappers.


Now that's the Lin we all know and love.


Aspara...doesn't really have much to say.


Apparently Aspara doesn't emote very much and is neutral about pretty much everything. Not surprising considering he's probably spent most of his life in contact with plants and trees rather than with people.


The magic of overwritten event triggers causes Tapeta to totally forget about Deis's existence.

Speaking of Deis, she has nothing new to say. Since she's an optional character she has far less dialogue than the other characters.


One more update and we'll be ready for Fuck Highfort Week. I can't believe it took so long to get through even though I knew exactly what I was doing.