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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 55: Chapter Forty Two: Fuck Highfort V – Revenge of the Fuck

: I don’t understand any of this…

: Getting this damn contraption to blow up is harder than it looks…

: Aha! I know!

: Once!

: Twice!

: Three times!

Turvoe proceeds to jump up and down on the control panel repeatedly.

*Rumble Rumble*

: Eh? What the?! Holy crap! What’d I do, what’d I do?!

:…What? What’s going on?

: Hmm? Is there a problem, oh Queen Bitch of Highfort?

: The energy from the machine is flowing back into itself…it’s going to explode!

: Huh. Doesn’t sound so bad from where I’m standing.

: Oh, sacre bleu! The rumbling is not stopping!

: It seems discretion is the better part of ‘not getting ourselves killed’! Time for us to make a strategic retreat!

: Ohshitohshitohshitoshit-

: Quickly, everyone! The whole tower is collapsing!

: Princess!!

: Ugh, that was too close…

: What’s wrong?! We really don’t have time to stand around!

:…I’ll handle this. All aboard, everyone! You too, Princess!

: Hey, are you serious?

: Sten, no!

: The rest of you…take care of her!


: Hmm. Now how am I going to get out of this one…

The last tower falls just as the screen fades out.

Some time later…

Music: 12 – The Kingdom

: No need to worry about Sten, Princess. The man escaped hell itself back at Gufheim. An exploding castle oughtta be peanuts to him.

: I hope you’re right, Turvoe. I sincerely hope you’re right…

: I bet he’ll come crawling out of the woodwork the minute we’re about to leave.

: As a token of our appreciation, please accept this…the Master’s Flute.

: You are most kind, Princess.

: I know you have been through much on our account…but I would like to make one further request of you.

: Take care of yourself. And someday…come home.

: We’ll be sure to tell him, your highness.

: Ah, the romance, it is flowing…I feel a song coming on. Oooooh Steeeeen, your Princess waits for you…

: May the Dragon God watch over you, always.

: May he watch over us all.

: I’ll show you people the way out.

: She really does love Sten, after all…Ain’t that always the way. He makes a mess of things for everyone else, but gets the girl in the end!

The player regains control at this point.

:…Damn this place is messed up. All three towers are just plain gone.

Music: 13 – More Than Words

:…Sten. You didn’t have me fooled for a second, ya jackass monkey.

: Heh, I told you he’d come back.

: Guilty as charged. I’m just no good at dying, it seems.

: Myself as well. So many people died…friends, many of them…

: I’ll never forget the sight of them torn to pieces in that hellish place…

: They were good men, every one. Soldiers to the end, skills honed like hunting knives…

: Yes…

: Your Princess and I are gonna be waiting here for you to come back someday. Don’t screw up, or I’ll kick your ass!

:…Turvoe. You’re not so bad after all!

: Hmph. See ya around!

Turvoe hops off the walkway.

:…Hey, Sten. The Princess said to tell you-

: It’s okay, master. I can probably guess what she said.



: I’m afraid former soldiers such as myself are somewhat…bad about that. Ohoho! So, shall we be off?



:…Sure. Let's get moving.

And on that somewhat sobering note, Highfort is finished. That’s it! It’s over! Finished! Done with!

Let us never, ever return to this place again.