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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 59: Chapter Forty Four: Mushroom World

Music: 27 – Breath of Fire

God bless Aspara’s Warp spell. Zipping right back to the Queen’s bedroom…

Music: 14 – Crazy Dance

: Hey there everyone! Long time no see!

: Ah, you’re as fresh as always, my dear woman. You seem to be doing well indeed…

: Yes, well, I think the Queen would prefer you not talk like that to her only hope. As strange as it may sound, I’ve got a very important job to do, and I’m on a tight schedule.

: Her Royal Highness is as large as ever.

: Give her a few more pounds and she’ll weigh as much as I do.

: Quiet, please.

: Perish the thought, madam! Indeed…you’ve just named the last thing I would like to do to her in this condition…*Shudder*

: Wh-what on Earth? Gah! This is bad! This is very, very bad!

: Haaaa!

: Hey…she’s back to normal!

: Well that was simple. Looks like we got off easy this time.

:…Of course. The world doesn’t work that way. My mistake.

: This is no ordinary weight problem! The Queen’s being possessed! No…that’s not quite accurate.

: Wait…so…her soul is fat, so she is too?

:…In a manner of speaking…

: No question about it. We’ve fought creatures like that many times, but this is the first time we’ve seen how it happens in the first place.

: The body changes along with the soul. It is not so surprising that they turn into monsters when cornered. They are simply devolving back to their true state.

: Hmm. Anyway, you want to know how to cure it?

: Not that she deserves this fate, but that attitude made her a perfect target for the demon that’s possessing her.

: …Though even a genius like myself will require some assistance in this case. Ryu, I have an important request to make.

: Oh, goodie.

: Of course you do.

: Back and forth, back and forth…

: This happens often, then?

: It’s something of a theme.

: Okay then. Back to the island I guess.

Back to the island we go…

We return to find the wizard’s apprentice jumping up and down like a giant manbaby.

: *Cough*

: Long enough…

: Of course you did.

: Uh huh.

: Of course he does.

: A mushroom, you say? Many different kinds grow here…which one in particular is required?

: I recognize this variant. Once we reach the summit it should be easy to find.

: Okay then. Time to go mushroom picking.

Music: Wanderer

I swap Lin out for Sten temporarily and re-climb this mountain.

Music: 04 – Dungeon

The inside of the mountain isn’t very interesting and I already pillaged all the treasure in here the first time I visited, so I’ll be skipping a lot of it.

One thing I didn’t remember last time I was here is this. One of the offshoots from the cave system leads to this tiny ledge.

Pushing down here will let the party take a dive off the waterfall and land on the ledge with the chest.

The Black Ring is a weapon for Nina that I’ll be equipping once she’s back on the team.

Do you guys remember what the ‘shroom looked like? I sure hope so ‘cause there are a lot of them.

: This is the one.

Mercifully, the game doesn’t make us backtrack through the mountain again. See, game? You can do it when you try…

Manbaby walks up to the wall, waits a moment, then a treasure chest falls from the sky.

:...A mirror, huh. Sure, why not?

A mirror, mushroom and a fat Queen being taken over by demons. Doesn’t quite beat the whale with a narcoleptic stone doll in its stomach, but it’s nice to know that this game’s subplots are as insane as ever. Until next time…