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Part 61: Bonus Update - Stuff the Party Says, Part IX

Special note this time is that Deis's dialogue has finally changed and will now update with everyone else.



Well we stopped the rise of another powerful demon at least, but yeah, point.


Shit man, you should have seen some of the other stuff. We've explored a whale's guts and extracted a narcoleptic stone idol from its stomach, gone to a cafe where the diners may end up on the menu in order to learn the art of cutting shit up, ventured into a dried up well to fight an army of notfacehuggers and their hideously mutated progenitor and thrown down with a horrifying blue face attached to a girl in a white dress.

Rand mean, we could have Lin...but smart? Sounds like a waste of a good Lin to me.


Overly dramatic, much?


Wait, you mean, we could have Rand...but small? Sounds like a waste of a good Rand to me.


Probably best not to think about it.


Tapeta says the exact same thing he did last time.


As expected, Deis catches on quickly.


Next time we'll be diving into the Elder Tree's mind. We'll be getting some answers and some new questions, but then this is an RPG so that's to be expected.