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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 68: Chapter Fifty: Mystery Quest

Music: 27 – Breath of Fire

: The Earth Temple is up on that plateau over there. We’ll have to circle around to get to it.

Music: 04 – Dungeon

: This is the Earth Temple. Here the faithful of Namanda offer their prayers to the god of soil and the land so that our people may not suffer famine.

: It looks a little…foreboding.

: It’s always been this way. The tunnels are never entirely cleared of monsters. Supposedly it’s to encourage vigilance.

: Uh…is that guy fighting a monster in the middle of the corridor? Should…should we help him?

: Nah. Remember what I said about this place never being entirely cleared of monsters? This is part of the reason.

: There you have it.

There are actually enemy encounters here, but like the previous few times they’re all composed of creatures we’ve fought before.

The first cave entrance leads into a cavern where monks are undergoing stereotypical trials in order to hone themselves.

This place has it all – fire, spikes, waterfalls and burial. The two guys near the bells will be part of a mind-bogglingly frustrating sidequest later on in the game. For the time being though we can’t do anything here.

: Here we are. Time to pay my respects to Namanda.

:…Come to think of it, I haven’t been here in a long time. I guess I owe Namanda a bit of interest for all those skipped prayers.

Okay, here’s an instance that was clearly a plot to get people to buy the strategy guide. What you have to do here is donate at least twenty times. Once you do, the Earth Shaman will appear in the field outside Daisy’s house after a certain plot point.

: So…what next?

: We go back to Farma, then talk to my mother and see if she still needs anything doing. If not we’ll be free to start investigating.

: Farma seems like a very peaceful place.

: It is. You know what else it is? Boring. Horribly horribly boring. Nobody has any aspirations or dreams beyond becoming just another dull farmer. It’s the main reason why I left.

: Hmm. It’s pretty late. Ma’s probably going to throw a fit again. I suggest everyone get ready.

: Ma? Ma! We’re back! Huh, that’s odd. She’s normally right here.

: Could she be out in the fields?

: At this hour? I guess if she thought we hadn’t done a good enough job with it…

: What’s the Paladin doing here? I thought your mother ran him off.

: She did, and I don’t take kindly to tresspassers. Hey! Tin-man! Explain your presence here!

: A letter? Let me see…


:…The hell is this crap?

: I don’t believe that! I don’t believe that for a second!

: It does seem fairly unlikely…I mean, just a short while ago she was adamantly against allowing a church to be built on her land…

: Bastard!! I’ll wring the truth outta you if I have to!!

A solo fight against the Messenger begins. It’s too easy to be considered a true boss fight, so I won’t be recording a video. Simply have Rand beat on him for a while and heal as necessary.

: Rand, heads up. Looks like reinforcements have arrived.

: ‘These people’ are accusing you of making a bold-faced land grab! Not to mention kidnapping!

: Hello, Ray. It’s been quite a while.

: Indeed, although I wish our reunion could be under happier circumstances.

: I know you’re lying, you bastard! And I’m going to find a hole in your cheap cardboard story you can’t wriggle out of!

: Enough. There is no evidence to support your claims against this man.

: Really? A very short while ago Rand’s mother was solidly against allowing the church to have her land. I recall seeing her violently eject this very messenger from her premises when he suggested such a thing.

: And my mother has always been a devoted follower of Namanda. This about-face makes no sense!

: Have you considered the possibility that she had a revelation and converted to the true faith? Such things have happened before. Regardless…

:…So that’s how it goes, is it? Open your eyes, dammit! Aren’t you even going to check this guy’s story? Or does your Lord Eva tell you to be dumb as well as blind?

: I will not tolerate blasphemy, either. I am sorry that we could not end this discussion on friendlier terms. Perhaps one day you will see the light, as your mother has.

: Sh-shut the hell up! You don’t know anything! Hell, you don’t want to know anything! Well, you know what? I don’t want to know either!

Ray retreats, and the messenger hides behind him.

: But I assure you, this is only a misunderstanding. One day, you will hopefully realize that your mother made a choice, and that choice was the right one.

: You’re right. None of this makes any sense.

: You’ve seen my Ma…she’s not the type to who’d change her mind so quickly, especially about which god to pray to.

: I agree. I get the impression that neither we nor Father Ray know the whole story here.

: Yeah, there’s definitely something underhanded about it.

: If she was indeed coerced, there should be evidence somewhere, should there not? I recommend looking for clues as to what really happened here.

: Thanks for agreeing, everyone.

: I assume you mean the one at Evrai.

: That’s right.

: If we don’t find the root of the problem, this whole world might end up under the thumb of some kinda zealot dictator…

: An excellent question. To my knowledge, the island the Cathedral is built on is surrounded by sheer cliffs with no natural beaches.

: That’s the problem.

: If we had wings or something, it’d be easy…Damn! This is making me crazy!

:…Wings, huh. Even if we used the whale to get as close as possible, there’s no way I could fly high enough to get over the cliffs. And even if I did, none of you could follow me.



: Nina? Do you have an idea?

:…Yes…that…might work. I think…I think I know a way to reach Evrai. Please follow me, everyone.

: It’s finally time…to return to the place of my birth.