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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 70: Chapter Fifty One: Revenant Wings

Music: 19 – Our Journey

We are drawing ever nearer to the endgame, and the world map theme has once again changed to reflect our progress. Whilst Breath of Fire is a great theme, in my opinion Our Journey blows it out of the water.

Music: 15 – A Long Time Ago

:…Here we are. Please follow me. Say nothing – let me do the talking from now on.

: Tell His Royal Majesty the King that Nina is here to see him.

: No. But His Majesty should.

: It’s of the utmost importance!

: Please listen to me. It’s urgent that I-

: I order you to let her enter. Please excuse this guard. Come inside.

:…Thank you, Your Highness.

:…It’s time we spoke, face to face. I will reveal everything to you, if you will follow me inside.

Music: 13 – More Than Words

: There are legends in Wyndia that speak of the Black-Winged One…

: When she of the black wings is born into the Royal House, disaster shall come upon Wyndia. That is the prophecy…

:…That’s right…

:…Every child born into this house with black wings must die. It is law and custom from ancient times.

: Wait, so-

: We deceived our own people to protect you, Nina.

: There are those in this land who fear you for your wings, Nina.

:…But time and circumstance are heartless creatures.

:…Mother! I…

: You’ve become a splendid young woman, Nina. I’m so proud of you…

: I will.

We see the king in bed, with a priest of Eva and an elderly physician watching over him.

: That voice…it can’t be…Nina? Is that you?

:…Yes, father. It’s me.

:…‘Father’…I don’t deserve to be called that. Not by you, not by anyone…

Music: You Must Live


: You…you can’t be serious! She’s our daughter! Our Nina!

: The story of the Black Winged One is purely myth and legend! Surely you would not murder your own daughter over this…this fairy tale?

: I…I…

: Nina!

: Oh…

: I chose the path of least resistance, sending you away instead of keeping you close and protecting you myself…

:…I could never hate you, father.

: And if you hadn’t sent me to Newhaven, I would never have met these wonderful people I feel honoured to call my friends.

: My dear Nina…*Cough*

: Your Majesty. We bring the word of the Lord Eva to the far corners of the globe. We call upon your people to pray to the Lord Eva, so that your health may be restored!

: *Cough* So you say…

:…You will do no such thing.

: Pardon? I must have misheard you. Surely nobody would reject the glory of the Lord Eva and thus invite damnation upon himself?

: I have no quarrel with the Church of Eva. There is much merit in your Gospel.

: I thank you for your concern, sir missionary. But I have no intention of endorsing the Church of Eva as a state religion.

: You will live to regret this decision, King of Wyndia!

: I don’t need prayers…

: Again, Nina, I must thank…*Cough* *Splutter* Ugh!

: I need you to open the door to the basement…

: Yes. It is the only way I can help my friends.

: You must understand…Father’s life…no, the fate of the entire world is at stake! I must obtain that power!

: You won’t regret this.

: Uh, I know this is family business and all, but…what exactly is going on?

: If I can become the Great Bird, I can carry us across the ocean to the Cathedral. Let’s move…

: Hey, wait a minute! The physician just said you wouldn’t be able to return to human form if you did that!

: That’s right. I am prepared to accept the consequences for my decision.

: Are you serious? Surely there must be some other way!

: There is not. And what is there to think about? My life in exchange for the world is more than a fair trade. I’ve made my choice. Please…don’t make this any harder than it has to be.

:…Fine. I don’t like it. But…I suppose I don’t have the right to stop you.

Next time we’ll be venturing into the basement in order to recover the power of the Great Bird. It is necessary to proceed, but at what cost?