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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 72: Chapter Fifty Three: Sacrifice

Music: 12 – The Kingdom

:…I’m glad to see you’re back safely. Did you obtain the Winged Seal?

: I have it right here.

: I see…

: Sir physician, please escort Nina and her company to the guest room…

The rest of the party files out of the room, but Nina lags behind.

: Father…I’m doing this to help…

: Don’t throw away your life for this old man.

: I cannot allow you to sacrifice yourself for my sake…

: Would you sacrifice your life to use the power of the Great Bird for the sake of saving the King of Wyndia?

: There is more, father. Much more. My sacrifice could help save the entire world. That is why I choose to become the Great Bird…

:…Spoken like a true princess, Nina.

: I will never forget you either, father. Even as the Great Bird…I will remember you always.

Nina leaves the room, and the screen cuts away as night falls over the castle.

:…I suppose this is it. All that’s left is to take the Seal to the ritual chamber.

: What? No, that’s not right. I know I put it here last night! Someone must have moved it, but who could have…

: Oh no…Mina, please don’t do anything foolish!

: Mina! What do you think you’re doing? Come back here!

Mina runs up the stairs.

Music: 25 – The Flower

: Mina!

:…I…I never suspected a thing…all that time…

: Mother and father wanted to do the right thing, but they lived regretting their decision every day…

: What are you saying, Mina?

Nina pounds on the door with all her strength.

: I would never have known all this if you had become the Great Bird…

: I can’t fight by your side…and I can’t save our father…

: No…no, you can’t be thinking of…no, I won’t allow it!!

: I will help you to save this world the only way I know how…I will become your wings!

: You can’t do this!! You’re the heir to Wyndia’s throne! The people would never accept an exile like me as their leader…if you do this, it could mean the destruction of our entire nation!!

: If I do nothing then Wyndia will fall regardless! This nation is a small part of the world…and the world needs you more than it does me.

: Even if I can’t call your name, I’ll hear you every time you call mine…

The rest of this scene is punctuated by the sounds of Nina smashing herself against the door repeatedly.

Music: 13 – More Than Words

: Mina…no…I was supposed to do this…

: Nina…I’m so-

Music: 20 – White Wings

: I can cry after we’ve stopped the demons. Not one second before.

And with that, this plotline draws to a close. Moments like this are what make the long slog through endless sidequests and Highfort worth it, at least in my opinion. The good news is that it doesn’t stop here, and aside from maybe one or two little bumps the game is completely free of bullshit from this point onwards.

Oh, and we now have this game’s version of the Airship. That certainly makes things more interesting.