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Part 76: Chapter Fifty Six: Tomb Raider

Music: 02 – My Home Sweet Home

Time to visit the Thieves Tomb. You may have noticed that the boulders have mysteriously respawned – a way of making sure Lin is always in the party for these segments.

Music: 20 – White Wings

Music: 18 – Silence of Sand

: Is it just me or are there far fewer people here than there were before?

From what these guys are saying it seems like this place is a deathtrap and everyone who was here before either legged it or got killed. The enemies here are fairly tough so I can’t really blame them.

Anubis Mummies are like Highfort’s Pharaoh Mages but stronger in every possible way. They can cast Freeze, Lightning and Fireblast, but like usual mage-type enemies their defence is paper thin. They also occasionally try to zombify your party members, so watch out for that.

Grubwyrms are physical attackers who can also use Poison Breath. Other than that they aren’t anything to worry about.

Zombie Thieves are likewise physical attackers, but they can turn your party members into zombies and are thus far more dangerous than Grubwyrms.

With our enemies catalogued it’s time to descend into the depths.

The first floor has holes in the ground that move around randomly – there is no pattern as far as I can tell. They are pretty tough to avoid but this level is full of good treasure so it’s worth dodging them.

To descend to the next level, either fall down one of the holes or climb down the stairs.

This old man will explain the puzzle on this level. The floor here is covered with numerous raised tiles, each with a different type of face on it. When you step on the tiles, different things happen depending on what sort of face it was. As the old man explains it:

These effects only happen if you get into a random battle whilst stepping on them. Naturally the random encounter rate has been cranked through the roof. The only chest in here is behind multiple angry face tiles just to jerk you around.

This accessory prevents Zombie. Very useful down here.

Naturally I then get into a fight on an angry tile and fall into a hole and am sent right back to the start.

Overall though that wasn’t too bad, actually.

Hey…wait a second…I spy a familiar face!

:…Patty?! What are you doing…oh, thief, right.

: Huh? Do I kno-AAAAAAHHH!!! It’s you!!

: What, are you stuck? Surely an eminent Phantom Thief such as yourself wouldn’t fall for a trap like this, right?

: What? No, I’m not stuck! Whatever gave you that idea?

: You mean besides the fact that you are clearly trapped behind bars with no way out?

:…Okay, so maybe I am slightly stuck. Now could you please press that switch? It’s rude to keep a lady waiting!

: There. You happy?

: Oh, very! Bye now!

:…There she goes.

: Will she be alright?

: We’re going the same way so we’ll probably show up in time to rescue her from herself again fairly soon.

: Ha ha ha! The Phantom Thief Patty triumphs again!

: Hee hee hee…Finally! The legendary treasure is mine!

: Wha…whaaaaaaat? How the hell could it be empty?! No fair! This place is rigged! I demand a recount…

: Well, they don’t call this the Thieves Tomb for nothing!

: How many more traps and puzzles does this place have? The old thief just had to have gotten bored eventually…

Just a note here – Danq is actually the Japanese name of Karn, the character from the first game who we met briefly in the hut on Giant Island.

The player will regain control now. Patty will walk around the room and occasionally pause with a question mark over her head.

: Better check the treasure chest just in case.

: Guess I better press it.

: Aha! Here we go!

: So this was the solution to the ‘Mystery of the Thieves Tomb’! Good going, Ace Treasure Hunter Ryu!

: Uh…thanks, Lin.

: Huh. I guess this makes me the greatest thief in the world.

:…You just stole the emblem from me didn’t you.

: I…I don’t know what you mean…heh…

: C’mon. Stop that. I’m not stupid.

: I guess the old sob story about how I’m a poor orphan who grew up alone and friendless won’t work either, huh. In that case I’ll just havYOINK!!

: Are you just going to let her run?

:…? Hmm? Sorry, what was that?

: Are you okay, Ryu? You just spaced out all of a sudden.

: Oh, no. Just thinking about stuff. It doesn’t matter. We should go back to Kotto and report to Tiga about what happened here.

Music: Find the Truth

: Wh-wh-wh-whaaaat?!

: Well this is unexpected.

: Heh. And here I thought you were just doing what you do.

: Hey! You can’t just sum me up like that! What I do is a means to an end…and if bringing down that rotten Church means stealing then stealing is what I’ll do.

: Whatever! That’s not important!

: Of course you can! But there’s something I want to ask you first…

:…I love you, Lin! I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you! I…I want to marry you, Lin!

And on that bombshell the update is over!