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Part 78: Bonus Update - Stuff the Party Says, Part XIII

It's that time again, folks. We're rapidly running out of these things - I estimate there will be two, maybe three more of these party-talk updates before the game ends. Lin isn't in the party for the time being, and neither is she back at the hideout, so she doesn't get a conversation this time.



Well since Tiga just got shot down just last update I'd say the chances of that aren't great. Still, anything can happen I suppose.


It's nice to know someone's put some thought into that aspect of the situation. Tiga is pretty tough and dedicated to the cause, but the enemy is the world's dominant religion. It's not going to be easy to topple them.


Yeah, it's not like his mother's been kidnapped or anything. Of course, it could just be Sten acting the fool in order to lighten everyone's mood.


Tapeta is Tapeta.


I hope so, she's one of my strongest hitters!


Even Rand is sad that Lin isn't here.


What an interesting remark.


I'm aware that I've been proceeding at something of a break-neck pace recently with updates almost every day. What I consider to be one of this game's very best scenes is right around the corner - we should get there in another two updates or so. Actually, the entire endgame sequence is pretty damn amazing, particularly with the enhanced translation. We'll see how we go.