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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 79: Chapter Fifty Eight: The Calm and the Storm

Music: 04 – Dungeon

Alright! We have the means to enter the Cathedral, so it’s time to cast Exit and get out of this horrible place.

: What?! But we just killed…

: It’s me, Lin!

: This idea is too clever for you to have come up with, Lin.

: Well duh! Tiga thought it up.

: In a shocking twist that surprised nobody, Manson turned into a creepy skeleton thingy. We managed to kill him despite his abhorrent skulduggery.

: Yeah, he was pretty boned once we really got going.

: How can you joke about something so deathly serious?

: Poor Manson must be rolling in his grave at such abuse.

: Uh, yeah, sure, Tiga.

: We found some robes and outfits and stuff out here!

: Creepycreepycreepymovingrightalongnow

:…and sneak into the Cathedral! Easy as potato pie!

: What about us?

: You guys will hide in the audience until I give the signal.

: We’ll need to disguise ourselves as worshippers. Make sure you study the Gospel of Eva closely…you never know when a piece of trivia might save your life!

Protip – a piece of trivia will end up saving our lives.

Tiga, the resistance members and the party all file out, leaving Ryu and Lin alone in the chapel.

: Hmm?

Your answer will affect the Dragon Tear, one of the few times the mechanic is directly utilized. The ‘correct’ option is to protest, funnily enough – saying you’re okay with it will knock the Tear down a level. In the end it doesn’t really matter either way since you can easily get it back up again later on.

: To be honest…I dunno if I’m comfortable with it. I don’t think Tiga’s a bad guy, but it feels like he’s being a bit too overbearing.

: I-I’m not staying with Tiga forever or anything crazy like that, though!

: I see. Well, if things don’t work out, one way or another…I’ve got your back.


: Don’t get me wrong, I like Tiga…but I’m just not the marriage-ing sort, y’know?

: Sure thing.

: Well now…I’d best get ready.

Music: Find the Truth

: It’s almost time to begin the attack on the Cathedral.

: Funnily enough some priest gave me a copy of the gospel a while back. I had a look through it but I dunno if I’ll be able to remember it all.

: Hmmm…Let’s give you a quick test first then, just in case.

I’ll just highlight the correct answers for brevity’s sake.

The game expects you to get everything wrong and has Tiga tell you the correct line whenever you screw up.

: Good enough for me! Let’s move!

: We’re going ahead and taking the Road to Evrai.

: I hear they hand out copies of their book to the big hitters…

I already knew about it beforehand but the game drops a big hint that you’re going to need this book. Well…you don’t actually need it, but it’ll help us when we get to the Cathedral.

: I got everything right, didn’t I? Eh, doesn’t matter. Let’s get cracking.

Music: 20 – White Wings

Before entering Evrai I switch out Nina for Bosch at the island’s Inn.

: This place is as creepy and soulless as ever.

The resistance members are all gathered at Claris’s house. Claris herself is absent, however, and this is making some of the people here nervous.

: This is it…the point of no return! We must storm the Cathedral at all costs!

The screen goes dark whilst everyone makes their final preparations.

Tiga dons his disguise and leads the resistance members towards the Cathedral.

The party among them.

Temple Knight: Greetings, greetings, Father Manson. You bring new disciples, correct?

: Ahem…of course. Power, er, for our God…

Tiga enters without difficulty.

: (…Nice one, Lin.)

: There are heretics out there who defame the name of the Lord Eva with their vile lies and openly rebel against the Church!

: You shall repeat the Gospel of Eva. Repeat after me! The Lord Eva and his children…

The resistance members all pass with flying colours, then it comes down to Ryu and co.

: Greetings, sir Temple Knight. Please allow us entry into this great Cathedral so we, the true believers, may prostrate ourselves before the Glory and Majesty of our great Lord Eva.

: Well…this is a problem…I’ve already run through the entire Gospel.

: A thousand thank-you’s, good sir. I will be certain to pray for you especially once we are all sequestered inside this mighty house of God.


:…Is this a jest, good sir? The answer is, of course, Evanth!

: Indeed. A mere child would know the answer to that! Good day, sir.

So yeah, there’s really no point in learning the teachings of Eva since you aren’t even asked about them anyway. Even if you fail this test all that happens is you have to fight the guard, who isn’t even that tough.

Music: 21 – God of Decadence

: Uh…this place…it feels wrong, somehow. I thought churches and cathedrals were supposed to be more joyful?

: It is somewhat fitting, though. This is a grim, black place and it has grim, black stone to match it.

The two doors on either side of the stairway lead to areas that are currently blocked off.

: Everyone ready?

: I was born ready. Let’s tear down this house of cardboard.

Music: Please God

: Habalk, the founder and High Priest of the Church of Eva, is about to speak.

: Got it. Then?

: That bastard won’t know what hit him! We’ll show everyone what that wolf in priest’s clothing is really up to!

: Guess we just have to wait for him to arrive.

Until next time…