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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 81: Chapter Fifty Nine: No More Heroes

Music: Please God

The music fades away into silence as the camera pans up. After a few seconds there is the sound of a door opening.

Music: 15 – A Long Time Ago

: The Almighty Evanth is pleased to see so many of his faithful gathered here today.

: And thus the Lord spake, “There are those in this world who fear and shun My light…such people are devils, animals possessed by hate and desire…” And one such heathen defiles this very Cathedral as I speak!

: Oh crap.

: Shh! Listen!

: With the guidance of God, I have rooted out this pernicious viper…A viper sleeping in our own den! Look upon this loathsome creature, who used our own blessed city as a hiding place from which to plot and scheme…

The music stops abruptly.

: Oh damn…it’s Claris…

: Her wickedness drives her to destroy all that is good and wholesome in our world, starting with our great Lord Evanth! But behold! For the Lord is Almighty and the heathen holds no sway against Him!

Music: Stealthy Shadow

: Oh shit! They’re gonna kill her!

: If we don’t do something fast, these zealots will have Claris butchered!

: Dammit!

: Lord Evanth greatly appreciates your enthusiasm…but remember, the Lord also says, “Cast thee out thine hatred.” If we should be driven to hate, then the evil one is victorious. No, this wayward soul may yet be saved.

:…Dear child. Let me ask of you your name.

: You do not wish to speak? That is fine as well.


: Reading minds is but one of the many talents God grants his devoted, child. You are part of the resistance that opposes the Church of Eva. You were hiding here in Evrai in an attempt to ‘investigate’ our Cathedral. I’m not wrong, Claris.

: The harder you try to conceal the truth, the more your heart aches to reveal it. Yes…I can see the mountain where your Resistance makes its home…Your leader…ah! Your leader is a youth by the name of Tiga, yes…

: I’m afraid I can’t do that yet, Claris. We must rid you of your inner demons, and every secret you reveal is a step closer to that goal.

: You’re dreaming that Tiga, your knight in shining armour, will swoop in and save you from the clutches of the ‘evil’ church…but you know that will never happen. However much you may long for him from afar, you are still a mere pawn to him…

: Tiga! This is no time to blank out on us! Tiga!


: That’s the spirit! Let’s save Claris and kick Habalk’s ass!

: No! I have to do this alone! Can’t you see? He knows we’re all here…this is a trap to lure us out and crush us all at once!

:…Tiga. If you go up there alone…you’re gonna die.

: I was too caught up with myself to realise it, but I’ve always loved Claris, too…

: Sorry to fight and run like this, Ryu. The rest is going to be up to you.

: Dammit, Tiga! You can’t just-

:…and then he runs off like an idiot. Ugh.

The music fades away as Tiga strides towards the altar.

: You think this is some kind of song and dance? Does your twisted-ass God think treating a defenceless woman like some kind of freak show is ‘entertainment’? You make me wanna puke!

: Yeah…yeah I did. And I’m gonna wring your neck with my own two hands!

: If there is anyone here today who knows this pitiful soul, play close attention…for today, you will witness firsthand what happens to those who defy the will of God.

: And since the two of you are so close, it would only be appropriate if I sent you both to the Lord Eva together…

: In honour of your courage and bravery, I shall relieve you of your burdens first!


: And now, Claris, you may follow him.

Music: Please God

: Upon the just, he showers his blessings. Upon the wicked…he brings destruction.

: C…la…ri…s…

: The evil ones are gone from our midst. Let us pray for their twisted souls…

:…Dammit…we knew this would happen…but we still sat by and did nothing…

: Hearing Habalk sermonise like that turned my blood cold…sometimes I wondered whose side we were really on…

: Ryu! Let’s finish what Tiga started and put an end to this crazy cult!

: Guess that’s all we can do now, right? Okay then. Time to knock out some teeth.

The game prompts the player to form a party again. It is very, very recommended that the player form a party of people who have the ability to revive other party members. High HP is also a plus. For my part, I choose Rand, Bosch and Deis. I also put them into the Defence Formation.

: Oh no, you aren’t getting away now.

: Hello. We’re here to remove a number of your internal organs, starting with your filthy, lying tongue.

: Hmm? More friends of Tiga, perchance? Or perhaps the devils behind his misdeeds?

: Those who kneel before Him and offer their heartfelt prayers shall all be forgiven. But unrepentant heretics such as yourselves shall receive only damnation!

: Cry us a river, you freak. Stand still a sec so I can nail you between the eyes…

: Your Holiness, is there a problem?

:…It shall be as you command, Father Habalk.

: As if we give a damn!

: There’s actually a hell of a lot to say, but I think I’ll let my blade do the talking. It’ll be simpler that way.

: If the Lord Eva commands that you be destroyed, then I have no choice but to obey His will.

:…Yeah, same here.

: But it seems the paths we have chosen are in opposition.

: Nothing for it then, right?

: Indeed.

: Watch out!!! Ryu, he has the same power you do!!

: What?!


Music: 29 – Dramatic Battle

For this fight, I recommend watching the video first. Skip to 1:35 for the most important part:

So, Ray is a dragon too. Who’d have thought? Anyway, this is a heavily scripted encounter. Ray will ask Ryu to show him his power, which might make you think he wants you to use a Dragon attack on him. Whilst this is true, if you enter the fight with Ryu’s AP at zero (Like I did since I was a moron and somehow forgot to heal after beating Necromancer), simply beating on him for a while will also do. After taking enough damage Ray will unleash a tremendously powerful attack that’ll knock everyone down for around 140 damage. This will unlock Ryu’s final Dragon attack, which is free to use for this fight. Bear in mind that Ray will spam the aforementioned attack every turn after this, so make sure to keep Ryu’s HP at maximum whilst he uses his latest move. Doing so will end the fight.


Music: 13 – More Than Words

: Let me…lend you…my power, Ryu. Power…to conquer the Church! You seek the old woman named Daisy, correct? She is…being held upstairs…

: Why? Why did you fight us? You knew the Church was rotten, so why…?

: It appears I have made…a grave error.

: I was taken in by Father Habalk when I was but a child…I had no other family…knew no other family…and the only light I knew was that of Eva.

:…Now I get it. If things had turned out differently…it might be me standing where you are now. Dammit, this isn’t right!

: Ryu…promise me that you will help make a world where the people can believe in a God that is true and just…

:…Sure thing. But that’s for another time. For now…for now, we have a High Priest to hunt down.