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Breath of Fire II

by Scintilla

Part 89: Chapter Sixty Five: The Darkness

Music: 22 – Twisted Bridge

: Oh, at long last…At long last, the time has come…

:…Huh? What is this place? I thought this was where the Dark God was supposed to be, but instead there’s…a town? Wha?

: H-hey, old man! What’s the deal?

: Such an aura! Surely it can be no other!

: Welcome, Fated Child.

:…Perhaps you better begin by explaining…uh…everything.

Augh Ryusui what are you doing no stop no more BoF III references

This place is called Dologany in the original script. It’s odd that I’d get upset about something like this, but from the thread’s reactions to some of the renames / changes so far I guess really deep down part of us loved that shitty translation.

: Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

: A-ha…so here’s where the Dragon Clan have been all this time! Honestly! Going down to the Netherworld without even telling me…

: I thank the Dragon God you arrived here safely…

: I’ll say…

: About your fate…about the destiny of the Dragonbrood…

Just as an aside, this is another direct reference to the first game. For some reason Squaresoft, who translated that game, decided to change Myria’s name to Tyr, but make no mistake – it’s the same being. For the uninitiated, Myria/Tyr was an asshole goddess who liked to trick people into fighting each other by offering to grant them wishes.

: Hey, I remember that guy! He was always so super serious about his heroic destiny. Everything about him screamed “Generic hero person”. Oh, don’t worry, sweetheart. He wasn’t nearly as handsome as you. But he got the job done so I guess I can’t really complain!

: That’s right, killed her stone dead. ‘Course, he couldn’t have done it without me…

: Everyone hoped that the peace would last forever. However…

At this point the screen begins to pulse red and a heartbeat sound begins to loop.

: A scar upon the fabric of existence…The Seed of Darkness.

: We realised that if it continued to be allowed to feed unchecked, it would eventually become the bane of all living things.

:…Oh. Now I see. Now I see why that dark power in the Cathedral was so familiar, yet so different. I suppose we should have expected something like this. One does not kill a God without repercussions.

: So…wait a minute. You’re saying this Dark God is Myria’s…leftovers?

: More like her hatred, her rage at being defeated. By killing her we allowed something even more dangerous to be born. Damn! How could we not have foreseen this?

: If the lady sorceress will permit me to continue…

Music: Stealthy Shadow

: For you see…Deathevan was formless. He had no physical shape…no body to pierce or wound.

: It was a desperate gamble. Every day that seed continued to exist was a day closer to this world’s extinction.

: I get it. If he gets more powerful, he gains a body…and when that happens, we can kill him!

: Yes. I can only assume you told me this because the time of Deathevan’s awakening is nigh.

: The Church of Eva has accomplished its goal. The energy they have sent to the Dark God is already enough. He has finally assumed his true form, and he must be destroyed now before he grows any stronger!

: Hmm. If I were the Fated Child…

:…But I’m not the Fated Child, so good luck with that!

: Fated Child? I don’t know about that. But I do know that I’m going to take my sword to Deathevan’s face, destiny or no destiny.

: I’ll help! I can make things explode and everything!

: Emotions such as these will feed Deathevan, and as time passes he will continue to grow stronger. Go forth, Fated Child! Only you can fulfil this fate!

Music: Face Your Destiny

: But I’m certain that it was Valerie’s fondest wish that you would choose to see this through to the end.

: Valerie?

:…And also your mother.

:…I see...please. Before I go, tell me about my mother. I deserve to know that much.

: Very well, grandson. Let me tell you the story of how your mother ventured to the world above.

Suddenly the player is thrust back into the past…

: I understand, Sir Elder.

: I will, father.

The player is given control of Valerie for the duration of this sequence. Valerie’s dialogue is slightly strange – in some parts it’s definitely her speaking to other people, but there are also sections where she’s clearly narrating in the past tense. Don’t ask me how that works, because I have no idea.

An old man is blocking the gate to Infinity, so the only other option is to travel down the ladder to the lower level.

I really like how Dologany is handled aesthetically. The years of holding back the demons of Infinity have very obviously taken a toll on the Dragon Clan – the houses are all in ruins and the abundance of children and lack of adults suggest that the mortality rate is very high. It’s a subtle reminder of how much the Dragons have sacrificed to protect the world.

: Goodbye, grandmother.

The next plot trigger is fired by talking to Valerie’s grandmother in one of the houses down here.

Then we have to return to the original house.

: Very well, then.

: A pendant? Father, is this…?

: The Dark God, Deathevan, grows stronger with each passing hour. His stirrings disturb the world above…

: I know already, Sir Elder. My duty is to venture into the world above and watch for signs that the Dark God may be awakening.

:…Our fate is in your hands, Valerie.

Music: You Must Live

: The surface must indeed be a place of pain and despair. As the Dragonmaiden, it is my duty to investigate.

The inhabitants all line up to say farewell to Valerie.

How does Valerie’s story continue? Find out next time.