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Part 90: Chapter Sixty Six: Chain of Memories

Music: 03 – Memories (Yua)

The player is given control and is allowed to roam the bushlands. Since all three doors to Infinity are shut tight there’s really only one place we can go – Gate.

All the houses are locked, and the only other NPC around just comments on Valerie’s wings before going back to whatever it is NPC’s do in their spare time.

We can interact with the Dragon Statue, however.

: Intrigued by the strange church, I went inside.

Music: Please God

The Dragon Tear appears and immediately begins flashing.

: At first I was confused by the man’s abrupt change in demeanour, but the Dragon’s Tear explained all.

: But I was not surprised by the Tear’s revelation. For I had fallen in love with him as well…

Clearly it was the extremely manly beard that did it. Ladies love the moustache-beard combo. Joking aside, I’m kinda eh on how this was handled. Ganer and Valerie falling for one another at first sight contradicts Lin’s speech about how true love isn’t spontaneous and should grow over time. It’s not a huge issue, but I found it a little jarring. Anyhow, the screen fades out and there is the implication of the passage of time.

: This world is so peaceful and serene…I cannot understand how the Dark God could be absorbing power from it, but I will continue investigating…

: Pardon. I was just praying to the Dragon God.

: Honestly…

Clearly celibacy is not a thing in the Church of Eva.

: We’ll both pray that our second child will fill our lives with as much joy as the first.

Ganer, you poor bastard.

The player is given control again while Ganer prays. Let’s head over to the church.

Upstairs we can talk to someone very special.

: Oh? So you’ve decided you’re going to have a baby brother?

: That’s right! And he’s gonna do whatever I tell him!

:…But what if you have a little sister instead?

:…Take good care of her, Ryu.

: All right, Valerie. Next we pray to the Lord Eva.

: The Lord Eva and His children…

: It was not merely that I had worshipped the Dragon God all my life…

: But I could not guess at precisely what…

: I was then a mother of two, and thoughts of the growing threat lurking beneath the earth were pushed from my mind. But then…


Music: Stealthy Shadow

: The village was under attack! The fiends from the netherworld had somehow broken through the gate and escaped to the surface!

: Begone, foul creature!

: There’s no end to them! Where are they all coming from?

The player is given control again at this point. The village is now infested with demons, but they won’t attack you even if you get right in their faces. To continue we have to inspect the gate in the bushlands.

: The gate had opened ever so slightly, but even that was enough for the Dark God to send his minions through…

: And in time, the seal itself would present no obstacle whatsoever to Deathevan himself. I knew of only one way to avert disaster and seal the gate once more.

: It was the only thing I could do to restore the seal. To transform into a dragon and seal the gate with my own body.

The Dragon Tear appears from Valerie’s eye and slowly falls to the ground.

: As my consciousness faded into an age-old slumber, I could still hear the voice of my dear Ryu…

Music: Give Me A Change

: Waaaaaah!

: Ryu!

: Ryu, what on earth are you doing out here? It’s not safe!

: Papa? Where did mama go?

:…Valerie? Come to think of it, where is she…?

The screen suddenly shakes, and a dragon’s roar fills the air.

: What…what was that sound? It’s coming from the mountain…

: No…it’s only asleep. Did this…dragon…protect us?

: But where on earth did it come from?

: What is this doing here? Valerie always wore this pendant…

: Papa, where did mama go? Papa? Papa?

The screen fades out, and when it comes back Ryu and co. are back in Dologany.

: Thank you for telling me. Now that I know the truth, I feel a little more ready for the trials ahead.

We can now explore Dologany proper.

The big dragon statue acts just like a regular one.

Before I end the update there are some things of interest we can see here in the town. All of the children down here in the flashback have now grown up and their appearances are…familiar.

As if we needed any more evidence that Patty is actually Yua.

: I hail from the Black Dragonbrood…

This throwaway conversation confirms that the Light and Dark Dragon Clans from the first game reunified after the Goddess was killed. Also if you compare Ray’s official art with Jade’s from the previous game you might spot some interesting similarities, although that’s pure conjecture.

The second half of Infinity lies beyond these gates. We’ll be venturing down there next update.