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Part 95: Chapter Seventy: Breath of Fire

Last time we saw the normal ending of Breath of Fire II. Though it was sad and bittersweet, in a way it was fitting and brought the story to a decent conclusion. Ryu makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect the world, following in his mother’s footsteps by sealing the gates to Infinity forever. Though devastated by his choice, no doubt Ryu’s companions will eventually realise why Ryu made that decision and honour him by ensuring that the world is ready for the time when Deathevan rises once again. All in all, it’s a fitting end to the story of Breath of Fire II.


What if things could happen differently? Is there another way? Was there perhaps something we left unfinished? Something we forgot? Something that could make a difference? Let’s find out.

First we have to take a step back from the gates of Infinity.

Thank god for Exit.

It’s time to return to Township once more.

Music: Township Well

Remember the machine in Township’s Well? It’s time to find out what it does. For that, we have to go to Guntz.

Remember waaaay back when I said a certain place in this town was important? Well, it’s time to visit it.

There’s a hidden ladder behind the top right bookcase.

It leads down into this secret area.

: Oh, what am I doing in a place like this? Well, I’d get more customers in the city, but you can’t beat the peace and quiet…

: Aw man, I did it again! Another customer, another blank stare…once I start talking I just get carried away, you know?

: Uh…well, you see, we found this weird machine underneath our town, and-

: Yeah, aren’t machines the greatest?

: Sometimes I wish I could just wrap myself around one and…mmm!

: I get a little carried away around machines, you know?

: Yes. Yes, I noticed.

:…Yes. Yes, that is what I said.

: Ooookay…here are the directions…

Now we have to return to the dry well.

: This…this is awesome! This is impossibly awesome!

: Um…no. That’s why we went to you.

: Oh, well that’s cool I gue-WHAT?!

: And that’s where the amazing press release ends abruptly.

: Oh. Dammit, I got all excited for nothing.

: Dad?

: It uses a human’s life force to transmute emotion into energy.

: Dad, you’re not thinking of…!

: I don’t have much time left…Ryu, forgive me…My fate is already sealed, but I will not die without atoning for the sins I helped to perpetrate…

: S-stop! Don’t do it!

The ground begins to shake as Ganer powers up the device.

Ladies and gentlemen…behold, Flying Township!

: Dad, you crazy bastard…

: A legendary lost flying machine and a real-life superhero…Oooh! If I’m dreaming, please, nobody wake me up!

Okay, here’s the deal. From here on out talking to Gigi will let you control Township’s flight path.

Music: 19 – Our Journey

Normally it’s the villains who get the floaty doom fortress, but under the circumstances I’m not complaining!

A few notes about Flying Township – it’s much slower than Mina, and it’s also much bigger and is unable to land in certain places Mina could. On the other hand, with Mina gone it’s the only means of accessing certain parts of the world map. The key requirements for Flying Township are to save Ganer in the Cathedral and to ask Gigi for help. After you’ve done the first thing you can do the second at any time, even if you’re right next to the final boss room. If you kill Ganer you can never have Flying Township.

To land the thing all you have to do is press ‘A’ over any suitable landmass. It will burrow into the ground and you can disembark. Warping to Township will now take you to wherever you last left the place. Having Flying Township is necessary for the good ending. From here we have to do everything as usual.

Fight Deathevan, use Infinity, defeat Deathevan…

Everything is the same right up until the party returns to the surface. After this point the colour of the text box changes to let you know you’re on the right path.

:…Ah, now I understand. I know…what must be done. Sorry guys. No matter what you say, doing these ‘heroic’ things just isn’t me. But I guess I could do it just once. Goodbye, everyone. It really was…fun…

: He does seem to be taking an awfully long time…

: Honestly, what’s the holdup? C’mon, let’s go grab his slowpoke ass.

: Huh?! What’re you guys doing back here?!

: Ryu…why are you…?

:…Damn. I was hoping none of you would be here for this…

:…I get what you’re thinking.

:…It’s the only way.

: Stop it! Stop it! Just because your mother had to turn into a dragon doesn’t mean you have to, too!

:…I’m sorry, everyone. But there is no other way to seal the gate. Deathevan’s shadow still remains down in the depths of Infinity. It cannot be allowed to escape. Even if it makes me a hypocrite, I have to make this sacrifice.

The music slowly fades away, replaced by an ambient rumbling sound.

: Huh? What is it? What’s going on?!

Music: 01 – The Destined Child

:…What…the…oh, fuck me!!

: As the Fated Child, it is your duty to see these gates sealed at any cost…

: Dad? What the hell are you doing?!

: You have faced this difficult decision with great courage…words cannot express how proud of you I am, my son.

: I don’t remember teaching you to harm those precious to you in any such way!

: Energy charge at maximum! We’re ready to go!

: Stand back, Ryu!

: Oh, fuck! Everybody run!!

Township smashes through the mountain and blocks the gate, scattering the party into the bushes in the process.

: It’s been an honour working with you, sir.

: Ryu…Because of my weakness, your mother was taken from you. Consider this my atonement.

: Ugh…goddamn it…seriously…

: Until the Dark God rises again and a new Fated Child emerges to combat him…I shall seal this gate with the town that you and your friends have built!

:…Well I guess thousands of tons of bedrock works as a pretty good seal.

: You must continue as you have, erasing darkness and despair from the world wherever you encounter it…


: Ryu…you and your friends have the power to change this world…When justice at last triumphs over greed and hatred, Deathevan will never be able to return…

: No pressure, huh.

: Maybe, but I have faith in you, partner. Hell, we all do!

: Damn straight!

: I am sure you can do it, Ryu.

:…Pffft. Me? Cynical, sarcastic, caustic, mercenary me? Well…I suppose I could give it a try…

:…A hero, huh? I guess I’ll give it a go.

--Good End

And that’s a wrap! It’s all finished bar the credits. Call me a sap, but I much prefer this ending to the one where Ryu sacrifices himself. Like the other one, this ending ties back into the plot of the story, specifically the very beginning where Ganer saves Ryu from the Gunhead. The warning Ganer shouts before Township descends and blocks the gate is word-for-word the same as the one he shouts before unleashing Lightning on the Gunhead. In the end, Dadass Ganer guards the gate whilst Ryu and co. go out into the world to spread peace and love so that Deathevan can never rise again. It’s cheesy and cliché but I love it anyway.

Next time I’ll go over the credits, which will require an entire update for themselves.