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Breath of Fire II

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Part 96: Credits

We’re finally at the end of our long journey. Whilst there are still a few things I want to cover in a couple of bonus updates, here are the credits. They’re interspersed with sequences from the game both past and present.

Music: 28 – Thank You, Everyone

We have young Ryu and Bosch leaving Gate for the first time, little-knowing what fate had in store for them.

Bosch and Ryu walk out of the Ranger’s Guild and towards their old house before being obscured by the cast list.

Ryu and Bosch walk up to the Dragon Statue outside the ruined house where Township will one day arise.

In the here and now, Ryu visits the coliseum. A building team is doing renovations, with Rand directing the workforce from the first floor.

Ryu and Lin infiltrate Joker’s hideout, vanishing off the top of the screen before the cast list appears.

Ryu and his companions stop to watch Sten’s magic show, little realising the hidden depths that lie beneath the monkey’s jovial demeanour.

Sanamo drags Ryu off to be the test subject for her grandmother’s strange experiments.

Back in the present again, the party eats out at the Wildcat Café.

In the present again, Tapeta returns home to Fort Nageur. Though Petape is happy to see him, the King appears to be having trouble with his eyesight again.

At long last, Sten returns home to Highfort, just as Turvoe and the Princess hoped he would. The process of rebuilding has only just begun.

Back in Melodia, the Queen is looking slightly better. Gedd also appears to still have his job.

In the past, Daisy sends the Eva Paladin packing as the party looks on in confusion.

In the present, the King has recovered from his illness and celebrates in the traditional Wyndian royal fashion – by jumping up and down enthusiastically. The physician sees this and brings in the Queen, who is overjoyed at her husband’s recovery.

In the past, Tiga challenges Ryu for Lin’s favour whilst the other rebels look on.

A disguised Tiga leads the rebels into the Cathedral, little knowing that every step brings him closer to death.

Ryu leads a party of Shamanized Lin, Tapeta and Sten through the depth of Infinity.

Ryu charges forwards, intent on murdering the shit out of Deathevan.

Finally, the Dragon Tear shows an image of Valerie, Ryu and Yua together.

Music: 01 – The Destined Child

The Tear empties and is replaced by an image of Gate, its forests pristine once more. If you wait for a while, the world map will begin to scroll within the Dragon Tear.


Well, that’s that. I tried to show off the good, the bad and the Highfort as well as I could manage. Despite its flaws it remains one of my all-time favourite games, and replaying it now with a good translation did a lot to confirm that it wasn’t just my nostalgia talking when I said so back in the OP.

I’d like to thank you guys for sticking through this LP with me. I hope you all had as much fun reading it as I did playing it. I’d also like to thank Ryusui for his excellent retranslation – the few quibbles I have with it are extremely minor and it’s really great to be able to experience the plot and dialogue in a more coherent form. I have one or two more bonus updates planned to show off the last of the art and such, but this is the end of the game itself.

I have a handful of titles I’d like to LP next, so it’s a matter of choosing which to do first. Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars is a game I played seven or eight years ago, and since it’s on the LP Request List I might give it a shot. On the other hand I recently finished Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled, which is an RPG that’s reminiscent of many classics like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI (But if I do decide to do it I’m using a ‘No Enemy Encounters’ code, because fuck Black Sigil’s encounter rate). There’s also some more obscure games I’m interested in like Demon of Laplace and Dark Law, but I’ll have to finish them first. Watch this space I suppose.