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Breath of Fire III

by Rabbi Raccoon

Part 1: Chapter I: ZOMG Dragon!

Chapter I: ZOMG Dragon!

Before we begin, watch this. It's the intro scene that lays if you leave the title screen open long enough.

We open with a pair of miners (Gary and Mogu, characters from the original. Gary went by Bo then) looking at a dragon egg.

Mogu: OK, Explosives are set!

Gary: What is this? An egg or something?

Mogu: You see ones like this every so often...

Gary: Well I'll be...

The egg explodes, waking the dragon up who yelps once he's oriented

Mogu: Wh... W H O A !!

Mogu then strikes the dragon and we enter our first battle!

This plays throughout this part of the game

This is the battle menu. It's pretty simple, but I'll explain more about it when we have all the options open to us. It's all pretty self explanatory. For now though, all you need to know is we have access to a weak physical attack, Whelp Breath, and a 100% counterattack rate (which will use Whelp Breath by default).

This is Whelp Breath. It instantly kills everyone in the intro.

Like so.

MAKE SURE YOU GET THIS. It'll save you some cash in a little while, and help open a Master up a little earlier than normal.

In the next room, we meet this guy, who is obviously a moron. No matter what you answer he runs off.

True story, I'm not that different when I get woken up unexpectedly. Especially before I've had my coffee.

Dude, we're just looking for the coffee.

Way to make your mama proud.

In the next room, we come across this:

And the music changes to this, the normal battle theme.

But before we can use our Whelp Breath, this happens:

And while we're distracted, this happens:

What the hell guys? I just wanted some coffee!

The music also changes to this for the next bit.

And they take the little dragon away.

I remember when I first got this game, I thought this was a scene so I waited. What you're actually supposed to do is shake the directional pad until you fall off the train. I made a bitchin' sandwich that first time though, so no regrets.

We find ourselves in the Cedar Woods

We see this guy, hunting a pig. The pig (obviously) gets scared and runs off.

: Darn it! I don't get many chances like that any more! No! Almost had it! Oh, come on, what's making that racket?

He sees a baby about to get eaten by some Currs, so he throws a knife to scare THEM.

He quickly dispatches the two monsters and retrieves his knife.

: You're lucky those currs didn't chew you to pieces. I don't have enough food to feed you anyway... Even if I did take you home...

He starts to wander away when the kid speaks.

: All right, all right already... Uncle Rei'll take you home. You better appreciate this...

One more song for the road

: I wonder... What were you doing out there by yourself, hm? And without a strip of clothing?

He takes us to the bitchingest tree house!


: I'm hungry.

And coincidentally...

: Boy, you'll eat anything, won't you, Teepo?

: Who is that, anyway?

: Don't ask me... Let's get him into your bed, OK?

: So who is he?

: I told you-- I don't know you little shit--I found him in the woods

: Really...? Sounds like what happened with me...

: An orphan... Not surprising--It's been a lean year. Well, why don't we let him sleep while we go to the village... If we don't get some food soon...

: Somebody abandoned him...just like me...

They leave the house letting the kid recover.

And this being an RPG, our hero being a silent protagonist, and being forced to sleep, he has a dream sequence. This guy talks to him.

: Don't you see, Ryu? You're the same as me--You must understand. They're weak! Pitiful and pathetic...

He disappears and this lady appears:

2.0: Ryu......... My...Ryu

Gee, I wonder what his name is? (reminder: If you wanna change his name, it's a maximum of 5 characters. DONGS will not be accepted)

I could really go for a cup of coffee right now.

I need a possible name if you wanna change it and a challenge that will take us through the first boss fight