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Part 3: Chapter Three: Quake

Heading west from Camlon causes the sky to darken. Breath of Fire has a day and night mechanic coded in, which occasionally affects the plot.

Ryu heads north across a series of bridges. The monsters here are the same as they were at the start of the game and all die in one hit. They aren’t a threat.

Heading east and then south leads to Nanai. By this time night has fallen completely.

Music: 07 – Dying Village

: The gate guard has fallen asleep. This will make infiltrating the town much easier.

We could have come here during the day, but if we had then the guard would have been awake and getting in would have been impossible.

The objective here is to sneak past all the soldiers without entering their line of sight. If Ryu is spotted he’ll be kicked out of the town and have to start over. It’s not too difficult aside from one or two soldiers whose sprites are mostly hidden behind buildings.

The Inn is deserted, but the dresser still contains a lootable item.

It’s an S.Ptn, which permanently increases strength by one.

: The gate guard isn’t the only one sleeping on the job, it seems. I hope the whole garrison is this undisciplined.

At this point it is possible to access the Weapons Shop, which is open despite the occupation.

Sadly, Ryu currently can’t afford the LongSD even if he sells off all his obsolete gear.

: I’ve made it to the castle without incident. Security around the Quake Control will not be nearly so lax, however. I should proceed with caution.

Music: 17 – Castle Theme

: The entire castle is deserted. There aren’t even any guards. I have a bad feeling about this.

: The King mentioned a dungeon beneath the castle. I suppose this staircase must lead down to it.

Music: 19 – In a Cave

: Such a vast cavern. I don’t even want to know what that red liquid is. What horrors lurk in the shadows down here? I had best press on quickly.

Horrors include Beaks, P. Bugs, Glooms and all the other monsters that appeared in the first dungeon.

A chest in the first area contains a B.Stn. This item will be useful very shortly.

: More stairs leading deeper still…

: These bridges are made of rope, but they seem sturdy enough.

This F.Stn will also be seeing use fairly soon.

: This staircase is larger and more ornate than the previous ones. I must be getting closer to the Quake Control!

: These walls are made of a different stone than the castle above. They look much, much older as well. Could this place predate Nanai’s founding? Wait…someone’s up ahead!

: Halt!

: I’m taking over the world with this machine…and no one can stop me!

: Even Zog will kneel before me when I reduce Scande to rubble with the Quake Control!

The Knight is far tougher than Frog was. His basic attack deals around 10 damage, which is just about manageable, but when his HP gets low he begins casting T.Bolt and using Recover to regenerate 40 HP at a time. One way of making the fight easier is to use the B.Stn and F.Stn on him. Both are one-shot magic attacks, with the B.Stn dealing exactly 80 points of lightning damage and the F.Stn dealing exactly 40 points of fire damage. It’s best to whittle him down with physical attacks and use the B.Stn to finish him off. He also pulls the same trick as Frog when his HP reaches zero, but it takes a bit more effort to put him down for good.

(Video – Knight)

: Arrrgh…

:…That was a tough battle…but…I did it…Now, I need to shut down the Quake Control. This pillar must be the control device.

: This key must be what’s causing the quakes. I’ll take it out.

The pillar retracts into the ground, and the floor begins to shake!

: This shaking can’t be good! I better run!

: Bars? Damn, I can’t get out this way!

: Who said that? Urgh, looks like the only way out is to try that strange device by the pillar.

The device teleports Ryu outside.

: Nanai…Dammit…

: How can you be so cavalier? Wasn’t Nanai your capital?

: Indeed, but the majority of the population had already fled by the time the Dark Dragons overran the defenses. And thanks to your heroic efforts, Camlon is now a safe haven for the survivors.

: You gave up Nanai to stop the Dark Dragons…

: My Lord, I’m afraid you are mistaken. If I were a true hero, I would have saved Nanai along with stopping the Dark Dragons.

: Is that so? Regardless, denying the Dark Dragons the Quake Control was worth the cost in my estimation.

: In any case, I am not familiar with this land – Nanai is the only port I was aware of. With it destroyed, I cannot reach the southern continent. Could you direct me to the next harbor town?

: Minister?

: It would probably be best to travel there rather than remain here. There won’t be any ships leaving this place for a long while.

: My thanks.

: Winlan, huh? I’ve never been there, but Sara traveled there once. She said the people there have wings and fly through the sky. Sounds rather fanciful to me, but it looks like Winlan is my next destination.

And that concludes today’s update. Next time we’ll be journeying to Winlan, where we will encounter a certain princess who would go on to become another staple of the Breath of Fire series.