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Part 23: Chapter Twenty Three: Sorcery

: So…where do we go from here? My sister used to tell me stories about the legendary city, but the one detail she never mentioned was where it is.

: The forest clan’s legends say that it appears and disappears with the moon, and that it never stays in the same place for long.

:…That is different from our legends. The lore of the Iron Ogres claims that it lies buried beneath desert sands.

: The histories of Winlan make it known that Wisdon is a city in the sky, and that it moves above the earth like a leaf drifting in the wind.

: All three seem to differ significantly.

: Hm. We in Prima do not have such legends, but…perhaps there is a grain of truth to all of these versions?

:…Hey. Big guy. Did you say that Wisdon is buried under a desert?

:…That is correct.

: Huh.

: Do you have any ideas, Karn?

: Well…it’s probably nothing, but…before I joined you guys, on my way to Krypt, I could have sworn I saw some stone buildings pointing up out of the dunes. I tried to get a closer look, but by the time I got there they had vanished.

: Are you sure?

: Well, no, not really. But it’s better than nothing, right? Might as well start somewhere.

: What do we do, Ryu? I can warp us to Arad if you wish to investigate the thief’s claims.

: It’s not like we have any other solid leads. Let’s go.

: Well, here we are in the desert. Keep your eyes peeled everyone, we’re looking for anything suspicious.

: Ryu! Over there, to the west! It looks like a small town!

:…I see it too. However, it could simply be a normal ruin rather than the city of Wisdon.

: Hey! The ruin is moving towards us!

: Skies above, the city really can move! Ryu, I think this is it!

: Quickly, let’s get inside before it moves away from us!

Music: 28 – Town of Wisdon

: The city is in ruins. All of the buildings are falling apart.

: But it is not abandoned. There are many spirits living here.

:…This is a city of the dead. Please, let us proceed quickly.

: Heh, you scared, big guy?

:…It is not fear that drives me, little one, but prudence. Who knows how much time we have before the torpedo is ready to be launched? Every minute counts.

There is a new enemy in the tunnels beneath Wisdon.

The Chopper. These guys are fast and will always attack before the party does. They hit fairly hard, but their defenses suck and they die in a couple of hits. They often come in groups of three, though, so it’s important to avoid being worn down by them.

There are many treasure chests hidden behind breakable walls. Most contain weak healing consumables like Herbs, but there’s also the RageHR which is a great weapon for Ox lying around.

All in all, this dungeon isn’t very long.

: This must be the palace.

: Legend has it that the sorceress Bleu was the one who placed the seal upon the goddess Tyr at the end of the great war. After that she went to sleep here in Wisdon, so that her skills could be of use once more in case the goddess was ever freed.

There’s another one of the rare healing fountains in here, which is useful since there’s a boss battle coming up.

: Is that…the sorceress?

: Aah!

: That is correct. The Dark Dragons are attempting to unseal the goddess Tyr. We would ask the sorceress’s aid in order to stop them.

: Oh darn…we all know what that means…

What follows is a boss rush against three spirits – Wisp and Cloud, who we’ve fought before, and Myst, who is new. Wisp and Cloud are pushovers who die quickly, but Myst is a different animal. Myst can cast Blizzard, an ice magic attack that deals 30 – 40 damage to the entire party. In addition he also possesses fire magic that targets a single character. He can also cast Recover and heal himself by 100 HP.

In the video below I’ve only recorded the last battle against Myst. Note how Nina counters his magic attacks by casting the same spell back at him – that’s a function of the AngelAR I bought for her at Gobi’s Flea Market stall. Also, I apologize for how Myst’s sprite seems to vanish for most of the second half of the fight. It’s a glitch that I can’t work out how to stop.

(Video – Myst)

: Thank you. It really is important.


: Heavy sleeper, huh?

:…Plan B…involves repeatedly zapping the sorceress with lightning bolts...?

:…So it would seem.

: What’s going on here!

: Why’d you have to wake me up? I was having a lovely dream about the time I helped spank that bratty goddess into oblivion, and now it’s all ruined. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

: Oh, no, don’t apologize to me or anything. Honestly…lousy spirits with no sensitivity…*grumble* *grumble*…

: Yes, shoo! Shoo! Go away and let me speak to these plebians. Then perhaps I can go back to sleep and finish my dream.

: We apologize, lady sorceress, but we had very good cause for waking you. The Dark Dragon clan is attempting to destroy the city of Prima using a torpedo. We were told that you might be able to help stop it.

:…Ugh. How long have I been asleep for? “Prima”? “Torpedo”? Look, you just want to sink a ship, right?

: Well, that’s the long and short of it.


: It’s…an egg?

: Very observant.

: An egg, huh? Heh, I wonder if she’s the one who lai-

: You don’t want to finish that sentence, sweetheart.

: You know, the underwater volcano near the oceanic trench? Surely that must still be there at the very least.

: That should get rid of any ships floating nearby.

: Thank you so much, oh wise and powerful sorceress!

: You forgot “Beautiful”, but I suppose I’ll let it slide this time.

: Come back after you drop the OldEgg into the ocean volcano. We’ll see how I feel then.

:…Well that was something all right.


: A-anyway! We can stop the Dark Dragons now! I know where that volcano is, so let’s get going now before it’s too late!

: I will take us back to Prima.

: We have to go north from here. The volcano is just past the abyssal trench.

: There’s the trench. It’s impassible for everybody except those Manillo with the power to turn themselves into Big Fish. The volcano is just past here.

: Inside the cave, quickly! We can reach the inside of the volcano from here. If we hurry we can still make it before the torpedo launches!

Next time we’ll be exploring the inside of the volcano and hopefully sink some Dark Dragon ships.