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Part 28: Chapter Twenty Eight: A Hungry Mouse

: Okay, so we’re tiny now. Any ideas?

: Going back down the stairs in this state is simply not possible. In other words, we are trapped in this room.

: Then we shall have to find a way out. I advise checking the walls for holes cracks that we can slip through.

: Good thinking, Bo.

The party is now tiny, and although there were no random battles in the open area, there certainly are in the mousehole.

Roaches are now big enough to be a threat to the party. Well, I say ‘threat’, but…honestly. They aren’t too tough. They go down is two or three hits. However, there is one good thing about them – they rarely drop the incredibly precious M.Drops, which fully heal and revive the entire party.

: Mice, hmm?

: Better watch out, little guys. Snakes eat mice.

: Actually, I find thieves far more appetizing. Come to think of it, roast thief sounds quite good round about now…

: Please, help us!

: You…you can talk?

: Yes…we were one of Cort’s first experiments. He wanted to see if small animals could be given increased intelligence.

: It looks like he succeeded! Hmm…I wonder what the market’s like for intelligent pets? Perhaps I could…*Mumble* *Mumble*

: Look…it’s clear he did something to you too. We have something that can turn you back to normal, but you have to help us first! Some of Cort’s experimental roaches have stolen all our food! You look strong – if you get it back for us we’ll help you out!

: If it will get us out of here then we’ll gladly help you.

The upper left mouse moves out of the way and lets the party proceed down the passage.

: As I heard it, you stole it first.

These guys are K.Roaches, and the three of them are the next boss battle of the game. They’re pretty wimpy, to be honest – their physical attacks are mildly strong and all three have individual second winds, but other than that they don’t have anything special about them. For some reason physical attacks are massively overpowered against them, with Shin dealing 999 damage (The game’s cap) even without criticals.

(Video – K.Roaches)

: Heh, beating up roaches for their food. Makes me feel like a real hero.

The random encounters disappear after defeating the K.Roaches.

: Thank you.

: Excellent. We could have been in real trouble.

: Many thanks, little ones.

: Take care now!

: Back to normal at last!

: C’mon, fish man, it wasn’t -that- long.

: It was a momentary distraction. I assume we’re not just going to let that freak do as he pleases?

: Of course not. We press onwards.

: Ugh…what is that…liquid…down there? It seems to be…bubbling…

: Oh, you know. Blood. Humours. Secret Formulas. Standard stuff that every mad scientist has bubbling around in a vat.

The second half of the Lab involves quite a few moving platform puzzles. It also features the Warlock from the world map as a returning enemy, as well as some new enemies for the party to fight.

Like these Bains, not to be confused with the boss of the same name we fought in a previous update. They have low HP but possess powerful Burn Out spells that can deal heavy damage to the party, so it’s important to take them out quickly before the pain mounts up.

There’s also the D.Knights, who are like the G.Knights except they’re tougher, slower and wield lightsabers. They can buff their own speed via spells and like to inflict curses on the party.

: There he is!

: It appears he hasn’t seen us yet. Do not give our position away – rather, we should sneak around and see if we can reach him from another angle.

: Hmm. How interesting. Was my formula somehow flawed? Not that it matters.

: I’ll be sure to thoroughly dissect your corpses after my latest specimen is done with you.

This red fellow is the RugaX. Like the Rogues, he’s not nearly as tough as the Gremlin he shares his sprite with. Shin is incredibly overpowered by this point and can deal upwards of 250 damage every turn, whereas RugaX has no healing powers or special attacks.

(Video – RugaX)

: Is this all it was capable of? How very disappointing. But no matter.

: We won’t let you escape!

:…Wait. Look at the monster’s body.

: It turned into…a person?

: Turning people into monsters? No wonder the transformation produced so much magic. Such things are not lightly done. This ‘Cort’ fool must be tapping into Tyr’s power somehow.

: It would explain why so many of the Dark Dragon leaders transformed into monsters before fighting us.

: Uuuugh…

: Cura2!

: This should work. I don’t understand.

: It’s embarrassing, frankly.

: It’s not our fault! He appeared to be a monster!

: Sorry! We got carried away!

: Unlike little miss amateur here, I happen to be somewhat competent.

: So competent you could not handle a fleet of battleships without help from some strange insect? Which failed to destroy every ship in any case?

: Like. I. Said. That was intentional! Part of the plan! Besides, it made things more interesting. Anyway, about this man’s injuries…

: Find a frog and bring me its oil. There are a few frogs in the Frog Cave.

: Well, assuming it’s still there. Agni knows half the places I used to know so well have vanished, and all the rest now have different names.


: Go! Bring me the Oil of a frog!

: Snake lady…how do I put this…

: The great and powerful sorceress now relies on folk remedies to succeed where the ancient healing arts have failed? How the mighty have fallen. Would you like some snake oil as well? Some wormwood, perhaps?

:…It strikes me that I could always turn one of you into a frog. Then I could squeeze out your oil. Slowly. Over an open flame, so that you sweat it all out.

: Guysletsdowhatshesaysrightnowokayletsjustgo.

And so the party literally runs out of Gust as fast as they can. Next time we’ll be visiting the Frog Cave and seeing about getting some oil for Bleu’s rather dubious remedy.