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Breath of Fire

by Scintilla

Part 38: Chapter Thirty Eight: Chrono Trigger

: Where are we? This must be Cerl’s castle, but where is Carmen in relation to it?

: For now we have more important matters to attend to. Come here – I will warp us back to Carmen.

: Alan was sent back with us. He’s resting in a house to the north.

Bleu: Ryu, Alan has been badly injured.

:…That Cerl…

: No…please don’t…don’t blame Cerl for this.

:…What do you mean?

: But then…well, you saw it yourselves a few moments ago.

: I just stood there and let it happen.

: If I had protected her or left with her, she wouldn’t be like this.

: But by the time I decided to look for her, it was already too late.

: How tragic.

: I haven’t stopped thinking about her, but she’ll never forgive me.

:…How sad. But perhaps it is not too late to set things right.

: She’ll remember the Fruit. There’s a Holiday Tree in a southern coast village near where we grew up.

: I think I know the tree you mean. I was dropped off near a large tree the first time we were separated.

: Okay then! Let’s get that fruit and go see her!

: This is it. Ox, if you would?


: Okay, now let’s see if we can find that castle again.

: There it is!

: There’s no telling how Cerl will react. Be ready for anything.

: How nostalgic…

Cerl’s castle is very small with only two floors. Walking up the staircase triggers a cutscene.

:…You mean you have lost the will to fight?

:…Tell me. Why did it have to be this way? The Dragon Clan can turn into dragons. The Wing Clan can transform into Great Birds. The Manillo can transform into Big Fish. So…what was so different about me?

: What kind of stunt are you trying to pull?

: You remember this, don’t you?

: Of course she does. She opened the gate for us!

: Take the TmKey with you. It’s in the treasure chest.

: Let’s go back with the Key. We have to bring Alan here.

: Agreed. Let’s go.

Suddenly, a rock hits Cerl as the wall bursts open!

: Don’t be stupid, Cerl! We serve the Empire! I won’t let them take the key!

: Good-bye Alan…

: Cerl!

: How foolish of me. What was the point of tormenting those worthless villagers? I should have rewound my own time instead…but it’s too late now.

: Traitor! Gaaa!

: How did you get here?!

: By…walking…how…else?

: Alan! Don’t!

: It’s all because of this war. The war makes people crazy.

: It was like this before, during the war long ago. Friend against friend, parent against child…

: Let’s go to Tock!

The party automatically warps to Tock.

: Are you sure?

: Yes. If anything goes wrong, I can fly out of the way. We won’t get caught in a distortion this time!

: Time has returned to the present in Carmen!

: Everything is back to how it used to be!

: It’s stuck. Ahhhh!

: This isn’t right.

: Did I do it wrong? Ahhhh!

: Nina!

: Ryu, stop! You’ll be pulled in too!

: There’s no time! Come on, everyone! Let’s go!

:…Tunlan? Nina! Nina! She’s not here…

: She may have been dropped off somewhere else. What about Cerl’s castle? Isn’t that where you landed before?

: Yes. Quickly, let’s go there!

: Okay, I’ll warp us to Carmen. We can walk from there.

Music: 51 – Alan and Cerl Forever

: What…was that?

:…Perhaps it was the TmKey’s doing. Alan and Cerl’s time has been reversed.

:…You mean they have been given a second chance.

: Yes. Hopefully the world will be kinder to them this time around.

:…But…Nina isn’t here…

: I’m sorry, Ryu.

: Let’s…let’s go back…back to Carmen. Maybe…I don’t know…maybe I’ll think of something.