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Part 39: Chapter Thirty Nine: Amnesia Girl

With the flow of time restored, Carmen is now back to normal. This means we can visit the weapon shop before proceeding with the story.

Which is great, since it’s full of very powerful equipment. In all, I purchase an IcyCW for Mogu, a FlameSD for Ryu (Even more powerful than the DragonSD!), two PowerHTs for Gobi and Karn, and a MystSH for Ox. I could buy a Tri-BW for Bo, but there’s a better weapon for him that crops up in just a moment.

: Okay…what now?

:…Hey, fearless leader…

: What is it?

:…Well…remember when we first went to Tunlan? Back when we had no idea what they were saying?

: Yes, I remember. What of it?

: Well, remember how I found that chick with wings in one of the houses there? Didn’t she look a lot like our lady?

:…You’re right! Bleu, take us to Tunlan right now!

: Coming right up…

: This explains why we were sent here rather than somewhere around Carmen like usual.

: Nina! Nina, it’s us!

: Hmm…

: Didn’t you visit us earlier? Sorry, my memory isn’t what it used to be…Do you know this girl?

: I believe so. It’s…complicated, but we think she may be one of our companions.

: I see…

: Amnesia, you say…

: It doesn’t matter. For now, I’m just happy she’s still alive.

:…Let’s go down to the Inn and discuss what we can do about this.

: Hey. Over here, behind the Shrine.

: Who’s there?!

: You don’t recognise me? I’m hurt. But no matter. It seems one of your companions has been afflicted by amnesia, yes?

: How did you-

: Suffice to say I have my sources. I cannot remain here undetected for long, so I will be brief.

: There is a famous doctor in Carmen. Perhaps he will be able to help your friend.

:…Thank you. Whoever you are.

: Can I help you…?

: Greetings, doctor. We have heard that you are a highly skilled physician and would like to ask for your help in dealing with one of our friends. She is currently suffering from amnesia.

: The Tonic has always been effective. The Tonic contains P. Fish, Root, C.Nut and W.Ant.

: So, we have our list of ingredients. But where can we find them?

: Not to worry, friends! There are all trade goods of various descriptions. I believe we already have some W.Ant’s from Bo’s hunting trips?

: Yes. The antlers of white stags are highly prized, but this is a far worthier use for them. Take as many as you need.

: Now, C.Nuts can be found on tropical islands, so…back to Tunlan, I suppose!

: Ox?

:…Stand back.

: Excellent. Now then…Roots.

: I can help with this! We can find that sort of root near Gramor – that is, my hometown.

: Wonderful! Just the P.Fish left. Now…this is tricky. The P.Fish is only found in the poisonous waters surrounding Scande. We must go past Cerl’s castle and circle around to the south. Ryu, I trust you can catch one?

: Of course.

: Nothing to it.

: Now, let us return to the doctor.

: We have returned, doctor.

: Do you have all of the ingredients?

: We found all of them, thanks to my know-how!

: Sure, sure, fish man.

: Now we can cure Nina’s amnesia!

: Alrighty then, I’ll warp us back to Tunlan.

: Here, Nina. Drink this.

:…Hm? Where am I…? Oh, it’s Ryu and Bo and Karn and everybody…

:…Oh, it’s…nothing, nothing really.

: Do you know who I am?

: Don’t be silly, Karn.

: You are the…miscreant…we picked up in Krypt.

: Heh…that’s our lady alright.

: What’s the big fuss? I feel great.

: I think I see what happened. Our little princess was thrown back in time several years. That explains why she looks older now.

: What do you mean, older? I…huh? Oh…oh, I see. This is…interesting. Well, whatever! I am here now, so what are we waiting for?

And so we get Nina back as a playable character.

She gets a new character portrait, along with a new attack animation. And there’s something else, too…

: Oh, Ryu. Since I now appear to be an adult due to…time shenanigans, there is something new that I can do to make our lives easier.

: Hop on, everyone!

: I see! So you can transform too now.

: Right! Traveling to new places will be much simpler now.

Nina can now transform into the Great Bird and ferry the party around the map. With the endgame on the horizon the entire map is now open to us, so I’ll once again be suspending the narrative for the rest of the update whilst we go item shopping.

Near Carmen lies a patch of soil for Mogu to dig through. Inside lies the HeroBW, Bo’s best weapon that has more than 100 points of attack power over the Tri-BW we could have bought earlier.

Also near Carmen is a dragon plaque. Inside is the WindBR, an accessory for spellcasters that increases Active and magic defense.

To the very north lies a strange tower. We can’t enter, but if we press ‘A’ behind the taller tower…

We receive the Tri-Rang, the third and most powerful boomerang. It’s lighter and more powerful than any of Ryu’s other weapons, and we’ll be using it right up until the end. In addition, this island holds a special secret.

The M.Slime. is special for one reason.

Yeah, this place is a grinder’s heaven. M.Slime’s aren’t even particularly strong either.

There’s a well to the east of Arad that Ryu can fish the DragonHT out of.

Southeast of Scande’s poisoned waters lies another patch of Mogu-soil amongst a clump of dead trees. The most notable items down here are a LoveHT (Headgear for females), a StarSH (Excellent shield), a MystCW (Claw for Mogu) and various stat-up potions.

An isolated well west of Gust contains the DragonSH, the last piece of dragon equipment.

That’s all for today. The end is drawing closer - there can't be more than five or six updates left before the end. Obelisk is almost within our grasp.