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by Scintilla

Part 48: Extra Content, Part III

It's been a while since we've seen some bonus content, so let's take a look at some more artwork.


Official Character Art's Karn. For the Western release of Breath of Fire Karn's skin was considerably lightened. Now it doesn't look like he's wearing blackface. The original game portrait also depicts him with puffy red lips. Also the racist implications behind the thief character being the black guy. Way to go, Capcom.

Gobi looks as smug as ever. Out of the entire cast he definitely has the most punchable face this side of Jeremy Clarkson.


Dragon Forms

Ryu's baby dragon form. There's only his thunder dragon incarnation, I'm afraid. Definitely the cutest harbinger of electric death.


Karn's Fusions

Shin, ready to kick ass. Seriously, he is amazing at kicking bosses shit in, and he's only the first one Karn gets.


Monster Art

The monsters seem to get spikier as we go along.