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Part 1: References in the names Jarry and Ubu

Here is random trivia by the way. While Charles Cecil and his English buddies take a certain pleasure in forcing good ol' stereotypes on my beloved country , they know quite a lot actually.

For example, the Hotel is called "Hotel Ubu" and is located in the "Rue Alfred Jarry". If you have never studied French literature, these names will probably say nothing to you, so here it goes:

Alfred Jarry is a well known writer, poet & play-writer, raised in Rennes. .
He was a good buddy of the post-impressionist painter Henri "Le douanier" Rousseau, created the "Pataphysics" (a parody of metaphysics) and according to him, only lived for the joy of three things: his bicycle, his revolver and his bottle of absinthe.

Influenced by Rabelais, his most famous creation is the King Ubu. A ridiculous character who embodies stupidity and delirium. It even became an adjective in France: when you can even describe how ridiculous a situation is (for example, if you need to fight with the French public administration) just say that it is "Ubuesque".