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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 11: I hear the acid is lovely.

Part 9: I hear the acid is lovely.

: As a reward you are being assigned to investigate signs of recent RAM activity on Venus.

: That's a reward? Can we refuse?

: No. It is a direct order from the NEO high council.

: The high council? Who are they.

: That's classified information. Now off you go.

: Well it was a blast guys, but the universe is not going to save itself.

: See you later, space cowboy...

: According to my research the atmosphere on Venus is composed of viotal and acidic gases that will melt our lungs the second we leave the ship.

: To prevent this I am assigning everyone a class-four regulation environmental hazard suit.

: Hank, are you still smoking in that helmet?

: Of course not.

: Well this was unexpected.

: Holy cow, just look at this place.

: Damn it Scot, why didn't you tell us it was safe here before we went through the trouble of putting on these damn suits?

: Because you didn't ask. Just like you didn't ask about the group of heavily armed natives sneaking up on your from the East either.

: Huh?

: I hate you Scot.

: Well this sucks.

: They appear to have us thoroughly outnumbered. I suggest you try to reason with them.

: Ok, I think I can get a handle on this situation.

: We don't want any trouble here. Everyone just slowly hand over your guns and we will work this out... Oh god Maur what are you doing?!

: Screw that noise! None of these slimey bastards are is going to lay a single scaley finger on my baby.

: This is why we never make new friends.

: Prepare to die!

: Wait, you're helping us?

: Yess, if the RAM ssoldierss are alsso after you then you are friendss to uss.

: Works for me. Let's nuke em!

: Argh!

: And why would we want your help?

: I am the besst traccker in the Lowlandss. I can take you wherever you wissh to go.

: An experienced guide would prove helpfull.

: Ok you have a deal. So what sights around here would you recommend we check out first?

: Well the accid lake iss alwayss nicce thiss time of year.

: Acid lake? That sounds pretty deadly.

: On the conntrary, it iss lovely.

: Ok, if you say so...

: Ahh, iss that not relaxing?

: The goggles, they do nothing!

: Uh guys, I don't want to interrupt your fun but I think we have company.

: GRONK!!!

: Jesus look at the size of them! They could swallow us whole!

Hold on, I've got a plan.

: And what would that be? Not acting like giant flies?

: No it's even better, just stand back.


: And we're dead.

: Gronk. *gurgle*

: I don't fucking believe it...

: I think I'll call the big one Mr. Hops.

: Some of my people are near. Pleasse let me go firsst.

: Pleasse forgive my brethhrenn. Reccently there hass been... problemss.

: What kind of "problems"?

: I will tell you everythhinng oncce we reach the village.

: Pleasse don't run, my friendss are from NEO.

: We musst help them.

: Of course we will.

: Really?

: Of course not. GRONK!!

: Uh oh...

: Sic 'em boys!

: Blargh!

: Hey, I'm starting to like these little fellas.

: I think there's something going on here your not telling us Leander.

: We're almosst at the village. Oncce there you'll ssee that everythhing iss fine.

: I smell smoke.

: ...Ssomethhing iss wrong here. We musst hurry!

: Nooo! How could thiss hhappen?

: It looks like we missed a few of the muck breeders. Kill them all.

: Shiny.

: Pleasse calm down, thesse are my friendss. They are from NEO.

I don't know whhy, but thiss morning RAM warriorss raided thiss village. I hid withh a few othherss, but thhosse caught outsside hhad no chhance. My family were ssome of thhosse.

: We allowed RAM to build a sscientific basse ssouth of thiss village. Maybe if you go thhere you could get more information.

: I think you had better tell us what all this is about Leander.

: You sshhould know about the Lowlander'ss involvement with RAM, although it'ss not a sstory to be proud of. RAM wanted a giant lenss
built to very exacting sspecifications. It sseemed like a ssmall job, and thhey offered tremendous payment.

: RAM paid uss well, but, more importantly, they promissed to inssure Lowlander ssuperiority on Venuss. They promissed to prevent furthher
terraforming of the Lowlandss thhat mighht allow othher races to live hhere.

: We sshhould hhave realized RAM wass offering too muchh. We decided thhat thheir political sstance wass none of our affair, that our deal wass a
bussiness propossition only. We were too greedy, and now we hhave paid the price for our sselfcenterdnesss.

: Don't blame yourself, that is how RAM operates. If we hurry there might still be time to set things right.

: We understand. Keep the door locked until it is safe.

: Do you hear that? We have to find that child.

: Ok, we'll start searching all the huts.

: We'll meet you there later. Be carefull.

: Ssuch a wasste...

: I know it's hard but we have to keep moving on.


: Don't worry Leander, we'll get these bastards.

: We met some others and they told us to me meet you here.

: You stay hidden here while we go get the supplies.

: I know where thhey are sstored. Follow me.

: It's not as fun when you have the keys but it works.

: Everything thing seems to be here, let us take it and leave.

: Good luck and keep yourself hidden.

: Are you sure you don't want to go with them Leander?

: No, I do want to hhelp protect thhem but I musst find thhiss basse and put an end to thhesse attackss.

: We'll be right there with you buddy.

: Wait, do you hear that? I think it's coming from in here.

: Down hhere. Hhurry.

: Hold on it could be a trap.

: Woah, slow down there little dude. Leander do you know what it's saying?

: It iss very young, but I think I can make it out.

: Oh hell no! There is no way I'm playing baby sitter again.

: Aw common, he's so cute. Plus I think he likes you.

: *gurgle*

: Is it too late to go back to fighting horrible mutants?

To Be Continued!