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by Vexation

Part 13: Part 11: The Legend of Talon's Gold.

Part 11: The Legend of Talon's Gold.

: Sweet, a free business lunch.

: Unfortunately it's not. NEO has tracked down one of Talon's ex-crewmates at this
location. His name is Garrity and you are to locate and interrogate him.

: And what would possibly compel us to do a pointless thing like that?

: NEO spies believe that he has information about a stockade of stolen items that Talon
has amassed over the years and has hidden in this sector.

: By stockade do you mean a horde of pirate treasure?

: I suppose you could call it that, yes.

: Then why are we wasting are time flapping our gums here? Let's roll!

: Wake up rummy. Tell us all about this secret base of Talon's

: Deal. Hank give him your bottle.

: ... uhh what bottle? I don't know what your talking about.

: Come on Hank we all know the only reason you wear that hat is to hide your mickey.
Do you want the treasure or not?

: Ah fine.

: Thank you kindly govner'.

: I hope you choke on it.

: This is the asteroid the fellow was talking about.
: Well here goes nothing. Broadcast the passcodes.

: Score!

: Uhh nice theory you got going there buddy but I'm not Talon.

: That's just what I'd expect you pirate scum would say.

: Dude do I look like a bald, three-hundred pound steroid freak?

: Oh and release the hounds.

: Well that doesn't sound so bad. I like dogs.

: Oh god.

: Is there nothing in this solar system the size it should be?

: Give me a second and I will correct that problem.

: Screw you that treasure is mine.

: Release the technicians.


: What's the matter, run of out troops to sacrifice?

: Wait! I'll make you deal. I found some of Talon's data logs and according to
them the terminal here is used to unlock the hidden entrance to the vault. If you let me go
I'll split the treasure with you fifty-fifty.

: Tempting but here's my counter offer. You open the vault and maybe I'll forget
about my initial plan of strapping you to a torpedo and firing it into the deepest depths of space.

: There it's done.

: Nothing happened. Wait do you hear that?

: I know that voice. It's making my knuckles itch.

: Muahahaha!!!

: Noooo!!

: Now they're making giant robots too. When will the madness end?

: My spleen!

: And it's packing a rocket launcher too. Just lovely.

: Doc's down! Someone destroy it before it kills us all!

: One broken toy coming up.

: Well this whole ordeal was a total pile of suck. If anyone needs me I'll
be in the galley drinking dinner.

: You know, I've been checking the communication logs and that voice
transmission of Talon's didn't come from within the base but actually originated from
a nearby asteroid.

: Meaning?

: Meaning, I think that is where Talon's true base is and I should be able to trace the transmission back and locate it.

: Well then quit blabbering and do it. Treasure here we come.

: Here it is.

: Shiv I would kiss you but we haven't been out in space that long yet.

: That treasure is so close I can almost taste it.

: I have a very bad feeling about this place.

: Quite acting like a girl. We'll grab the treasure and then say "screw you"
to this NEO/RAM crap and go live out the rest of our days like kings on some nice little asteroid.

: Haven't you figured out by now that nothing ever works out for us? I just know
that any second now some unspeakable horror is going to pop up and try and have their way with us.

: Here it comes...

: Thank you and good night.

: Hisss!!


: No one found it suspicious that the words "Deadly Horrors" has been crossed
out from the labels of these canisters with crayon and replaced with "Free Space Gold"?

: Looks legit to me

: Shiv I put the blame for this situation squarely on you and if we do happen to
survive please remind me to tell you how much I hate you when we get back to the ship.


: *chitter*

: Tear that thing apart there's got to be a least some space dubloons stashed in there.

: Hank I don't think we're going to find anything here.

: Be quiet and get killing. I'm not leaving until we find something of value.

: Nothing.

: Well the trip wasn't a complete bust. At least I got some new threads.

: Shut up.

: Hey look explosives, you like explosives don't you? That's almost as good as
treasure right?

: Don't patronize me.

: At least we can blow this stupid rock to hell.

: I'll set the time for twenty five minutes. That should give us plenty time to
get off this hell hole.

: Are you sure that number is referring to minutes?

: What else would it be? I mean it could technically be hours but extra time is
not going to hurt anything.

: This device will detonate in 20 seconds. Have a nice life.



: Five seconds left until detonation.

: Pump those chicken legs!

: Why do we always cut these things so close?

: For the love of god Scot open the door!

: You don't need to shou-Wahhh!

: I vote we never speak of this mission again.

: Agreed.