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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 14: Where does all this oxygen keep coming from anyway?

Part 12: Where does all this oxygen keep coming from anyway?

: Can't we have a few days off or something? Our rate of almost
being killed has been unusually high lately.

: I would love to give you some time off but you see all of our
agents are currently busy in the field and we really need you guys to clear
out some of the backlog.


: I knew you would understand, now off you go.

: I really think we should hire a lawyer and do some contract negotiations.

: Well it's too late for that now we're already here.

: I think it best if I stay with the ship as it's our only escape. I've activated the ground field, which will protect it from detection... I think. I'll monitor RAM communications from here. We'd better maintain radio silence unless absolutely necessary.

: In the hills beyond them is a village. It's probably inhabited by
natives--the Desert Runners, a primitive folk. Watch out, they can be
nasty if you cross them.

: So this is Mars eh? I hate it all ready.

: What kind of attitude is that? The way I look at this whole
situation is as a grand blessing. How many people throughout history
have gazed up at the stars with an impossible dream of one day standing
where we stand now and witnessing the wonders of the universe first hand?

: You don't actually believe that crap do you?

: It's the only thing that keeps me from crying myself to sleep at nights.

: Twenty foot tall apes with scythes for arms... Where do they fit
in your grand philosophy, oh enlightened one?


: So thirsty...

: We've been marching for god damn hours now. Does anyone even
remotely have a clue about where we're supposed to be going?

: Just keep going, I'm sure there will be something on the other
side of this dune. I can feel it.


: Bravo. *slow clap*

: I heard that these things are good eating.

: It will be a cold day in hell before you see me eating one of
those slimy things.

: Nice to see the plan about keeping radio silence is being respected.
What do you want Scot?

: And that is of a concern to us why again?

: Why should we risk our necks to save a bunch of sand monkeys?

: Don't you remember what happened on Venus? We have to stop RAM
before they kill everyone.

: We don't even know who lives there. Maybe they would be better
off being slaughtered. Ever think of that?


: Ugh don't give me that look... Fine we'll go save the stupid village.


: Wow look at this place. I hope we can warn them in time.

: Are you kidding? This place is a dump. It's just a loose collection of poorly made dried mud huts. It's not like they couldn't just let the place burn down and then have it rebuilt by tomorrow afternoon.

: Hello there... Chief?

: Uhh...

: He's just trying to pysch you out. Stand firm.

: I'm sorry I can't do it. Those eyes!

: Move aside and let a real man through.

: Bring it fur ball.


: Good job!


: I am Maur. I kill.

: If we can get away from all this machismo for a second, we're
here to tell you that your village is going to be attacked any second now.


: Fine then what do I have to say to make you believe us?

: I think they are using gliders which isn't too much of a shock as we blew up a whole hangar full of them earlier.

: Whew.

: Good thing they didn't ask how we know this. I don't think trying to explain to them about a half-mad computer A.I. would have gone over too well.

: No, no, no! I've had it with babysitting snot nosed brats.

: Relax my friend. I think they just want us to hold of the enemy forces while they escape.

: Oh, that I can do.

: So we just stand around here and try not to get our balls blown
off until they gives us the signal and let us leave?

: Yeah that's about the gist of it.

: I think I'm going to take up piracy after this. At least then I
could be my own boss and set my own hours.

: I hate to interrupt, but it sounds like our friends are here.

: Let's go make them welcome then.

: Crossbows? These guys are packing laser rifles and composite battle armor and you're going to fight them with god damn crossbows?

: Crossbow be true weapon of the warrior.

: Right...

: I'll try not to get in your way mighty warriors.

: Well that wasn't so bad.


: I wouldn't start celebrating just yet. Check out the sky to the east.


: More death bots!

: Stupid toys. You go break now!

: Ok well start looking for survivors. When the signal sounds we'll
head back to that store room where everyone else was heading.

: This is crazy. Turn back!

: Not yet I think I see something in the smoke.

: *cough* All that smoke is killing my lungs.

: Wuss.

: Don't mind if I do.

: That's our queue, time to book it.

: Well that's not unnerving at all. Nope.


: Hurry everyone down.

: There are still troops in the city. Shouldn't we stay and fight
them off?

: Nah, I'm sure once they realize everyone is gone they will leave
the city alone.

: Or maybe not...

: It's kind of beautiful in a horrible sort of way.

: Our track record for saving villages isn't getting any better.

: He doesn't look too happy.

: Before you blame us about not saving the village let me explain...

: No talk. You come now.


: Wait, what?

: Aw it was nothing. I'm just happy you're not ticked off about the village burning to the ground.

: Don't worry, it was just a collection of poorly made dried mud
huts. We should have it built back up by tomorrow afternoon.

: See, what did I tell you?

: I wouldn't say we came here to fight them. It just seems
to be something that seems to happen wherever we go.

: Hey if it wasn't for us you'd all be rugs on some RAM commander's
floor right now.

: Fine then, could you please start by telling us where you think
these guys came from?

: That's a pretty vague

: Well it's all we have to go on. I guess our new plan is to go
check out this mountain and see what's going on.

: I'd like to see them try.

: That's the general plan. Maur gets cranky if he doesn't kill
something every four hours or so.


: Episonage, sabotage, murder. They're all fine choices.

: Umm ok. What's going to happen then?

: Sweet!

: Hey this sand squid actually ain't half bad. It's kind of tangy, here
try some.

: No thanks I'm too busy eating these crunchy round things. I just
can't get enough of them. What are they anyway?

: Those be desert ape testicles.