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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 18: Epilogue


: So bored...

: In hindsight we really should have lined up new jobs before we left NEO.

: A perfectly good rocket ship and we can't afford gas to take it anywhere.

: All I know is that I will eat my hat before crawling back to NEO.

: Well it's not doing us any good hanging around here. Let's head planet side and see if anyone is hiring.

: Hey it looks like we have an incoming communication.

: Patch us through. It's not like we have anything better to do...

: Bonjour garcons.

: Oh lord.

: Wait, shouldn't you be dead?

: Not quite mes amis, but I'm afraid my court was not so fortunate.

: Well if your planning to kill us then just get it over with, you'd be doing us a favor at this point.

: Au contraire. You see that brush with death has taught me that there is more to life than just simple power and decadence. This is why I've decided to set sail across this marvelous sea of stars and discover the wonders that lay hidden within.

: Congratulations I guess. What does any of that have to do with us?

: Patience monsieur I am getting to that. Since I no longer have need of my material possessions I have decided to transfer some of my holdings into your account. Consider it a farewell gift.

: Jeez... That's very gracious of you. Thanks.

: Mmm, oh roué, your memory will keep me warm on those lonely nights...


: Au revior!

: What an interesting fellow... Hey lets go check out what we got. Maybe it will be enough to fuel up the ship.

: *sputter*

: Oh...

: My...

: God...

: ...

: We're rich! Common everyone dinner is on me! Yeehaw!

: Yay!

: Your bill gentlemen.

: Just put it on the card. And while your at it buy the restaurant for yourself.

: Very good sir.

: I'm telling you guys, things are finally starting to go our way. Cheers!

: Cheers!

: I'm afraid your card has been declined.

: What? Why?

: Insufficient funds.

: What! We had more money than God in that account. What happened?!

: I think there's something you should know...

: Not now Doc I'm trying to straighten this out. Run the card again!

: I tried it a dozen times. The account is empty.

: But that's impossible! Does anyone have any cash on them?

: No, it was all in that account!

: Uh, guys?

: What?!

: Shiv's gone.

: Huh? Gone? How do you know?

: Check the party window. His name is not there.

: ... ... ... Damn.

: SHIV!!!


The End