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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 5: // Itchy, Tasty.

Part 3: // Itchy, Tasty.

: Well it's official we're on our own now.

: Goodbye ship, may we meet again one day.

: *sniff* This place is spooky, let's hurry and find a way off of this boat.

: Everything on the damn heap is locked down I guess we need to find this mythical control room.

: Destroy the humanoids!

: Good, more toys for me to play with.

: Dude you should get that looked at.

: Nah I'm fine.

: Hey put those down.

: Sorry.

: "Day #1. Dr. Williams sounded a security alert. This can only mean that his gennies have escaped. Scot is offline. Need his help if I'm going to counter these beasts. Don't believe that security can handle the creatures -- Williams has hept them too
much in the dark. Hiding in cargo bay and filling room with perfume to hide my scent. I will observe and record.

: "Day #2. Ship is silent. Have spotted two battle sites -- we lost them both. Thankfully I haven't been discovered. It seems that they have taken over the control room. They may be preparing to molt into Stage 3 form. I hope not. Dr. Williams
boasted that Stage 3 was a hyper-intelligent mode. These might be able to figure out the controls and trace me. I have found some of Williams' notes. He engineered the ECGs to he susceptible to some harmless material. Unluckily Scot is still off line. Need him to access Williams' private files.

: "Day #3. Stung by something today. Got an itch on the left leg. Checking Williams' files to see if it's anything serious. God, I hope not.



: I told you I'm fine.

: Ok now your bleeding from your eyes and ears.

: I just need to sit down for a second and catch my breath.

: Oh god now it's happening to me.

: Hmm I recommend immediate amputation of the limb.

: The hell you will!

: Fine we'll try to find a cure. Baby.


: Oh great Maur's dead.

: I think there's a sick bay near. Pick him up and let's go.

: Oh god hurry

: Give me a second to read through these logs.

: Hey your still alive!

: Glargh!!

: Umm why are you looking at me like that?

: Blarrr!

: Oh god he's trying to eat my face.

: Rarr!

: Enough of this crap lets just shoot him.

: Blargh!...

: That hurt me more than it hurt you... Well ok not really.


: According to the computer there should be an automated medical station nearby.

: Let me play the audio logs on this computer.

"Made it up to sickbay. Headache has already started. Trying stimulants to keep conscious. Activated medical scanners."

"The parasite has buried itself deeply in the brain. Still awake but room beginning to spin and color-cycle. Scanner information is still inconclusive."

"The room is twisting, shadows crawling everywhere. The scanner is laughing. Only one thing left. Surgeon! Full invasive scan of biological subject."

"Option contra-indicated. Sigma override required."

"Override number A10151! Initiate!"

: It appears the operation was unsuccessful.

: I think I see what went wrong. Just give me a sec to recalibrate the machine settings.

: Ok Hank get on the machine.

: I hope you know what your doing Doc.

: Now just relax while I drill into your skull cavity and extract the brain parasite.


: Someone please restrain the patient.

: Stand back I will take care of this.

: Oops.

: Oh god the laser is in my eye!

: Destroy!

: Hey watch where you're shooting!

: I can't help it my corneas are melted.

: Ok let's try this again. This time using the security code from the cadaver here.

: Success! How do you feel?

: I like Jam

: Hey look, Maur is waking up.

: Ugh.. I had the strangest dream. I was trying to catch this giant talking hamburger but it kept screaming and running away. Then I was set on fire.

Next time: Genetic mutants and crazy old man computer AIs