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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 7: Riding the space rails again.

Part 5: Riding the space rails again.

: Yay!... wait this isn't a new ship, it's the old hunk of junk that we used on the last mission.

: There was a new ship lined up for you but recently we had a change in management and this one just became available.

: Your welcome.


: Who?

Heur.Dos is our resident AI system.

: Howdy.

: Pleased to meet you.

: Not another one.

: Ok then I think we can handle that.

: Umm, I guess we could check that out as well when we're done that asteroid base thingy.

: Ok this is just getting ridiculous.

: Are we the only ones who work for this mickey mouse operation?!

: Oh well we finally got our own ship, that's all that matters.

Let's see what this baby has under the hood.

: Hmm it doesn't have a lot of power. Or much of anything for that matter.

: It just needs a little love and care that's all.

: Whatever. Just make sure I'm the one sitting closest to the escape pod.

: Well gentlemen, what shall we do with our new found freedom?

: Let's go check out the bright lights of Tycho.

: Well where to first?

: I hear they have a wonderful library here on Tycho.

: That sounds great, and by great I mean boring as hell. If you need me you'll know where to find me.

: I'm heading to the shops and see if the new weapons came in.

: Good idea.

: Man we can't afford anything. What happened to the money NEO gave us after that last mission?

You used it all tipping the valet at the space dock.


: I guess we'd better go scrape Hank off the bar room floor.

: How would a waiter possibly know something like that?

: Gar... Here's your bill matey!


: Well this was a total waste of time, lets go patrolling for pirates!

: Ok but first just give me a second to hit the gym.


: Captains Log, 22DE: We've been patrolling this sector of space for weeks now and so far no there has been no sign of enemy presence.

We are running low on fuel for the ship and due to woefully outdated star maps we may not be able to make it to even the closest port.

If we should become stranded I have decided to eat Shiv first.

: What are you writing?

: Oh nothing special.

: We've got company. What do we do now?

: I don't know. I guess we should try talking to them .

: Ok we're live.

: Neo scum. Power down your defenses and prepare to be boarded. Failure to comply will result in your utter destruction.

: Umm what should I say?

: Just give the mic to me.

: I'm not sure about this...

: Trust me.

: Those are interesting terms and here's our counter offer.

: *ahem* Firstly you can just go and fuck yourselves, and second, if you don't get that heap of shit out of scanner range I am personally going to come up there and shove that hammer and sickle up your commie ass.

: Such pointless bravado. Our scan has shown that your pitifull vessal only has a crew of five. You have no hope of resisting our superior numbers.

: Big deal, I bet you couldn't count your balls and get the same answer twice.

: ... *click*

: Smooth.

: I try.

: Ok boys, it's show time!

: Hank give me a sit rep.

: They have us outclassed on speed, so try to nail their engines to slow them down a bit.

: Can do.

: Their firing. Everyone brace yourselves!

: The sick bay was hit.

: you ok Doc?

: Don't worry about me, I have plenty of morphine down here.

: Returning fire!

: Haha, missed me!

: Their engines are down.

: Ok I'm going to bring us up near them.

: Shiv's been hit too.

: There goes my diner plans.

: What?

: Nothing.

: The docking platform connected.

: Ok turning on the auto-pilot. All hands to the airlock.

: Charge!

: Doc quit stealing my kills.

: Sorry.

: Let me go and I will give you candy.

: Never!

: Woo hoo! Heavy body armor for everyone!

: Mine's is all bloody... and cut in half.

: Sorry.

: More meat!

: Um those are security droids and are made of metal.

:Meh, close enough.

: Well since we reduced the engines to smoking rubble we will need to secure the controls on the bridge.

: Fine by me, I have someone I have to say hello to anyway.

: Well capitalist dog, I'm impressed you made it this far.

: Of course, I made promise. You wouldn't want me to make a lair out of myself would you?


: Less yelling more dying.

: Here they are. Powering down all systems.


: There, good as old again.

: Look at all this salvage, we're going to be rich.

: The hitch to that though is that all of it goes back to NEO and then we get paid a percentage.

: Bummer. Well I'm sure we'll still make a mint from this haul.

: Well guys that was a great first , what do you want to do now?

: I'm starving. Let's get something to eat.

: Good idea. Common everyon, the foods on me.

: Ooh this place looks good.

: It also looks expensive, are you sure we can afford it.

: Don't worry, NEO command said they wired our commission from that captured ship into our account.

: Eat hearty boys, we did good today.

: Your bill sir.

: Just put it on my card.

: I'm sorry but you have insufficient funds.

: What? Give me a second to check my account.

: All we made off that was twenty-five lousy dollars?!

: Shall I show you to the kitchens sir?

: Yes please. *sigh*