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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 8: Is it too late to join the bad guys?

Part 6: Is it too late to join the bad guys?

When we last left the team they had been given the task of investigating a RAM base hidden on an outlying asteroid.

: I think this is the RAM asteroid base we were looking for.

: Ok I'm switching to stealth mode. With any luck we can sneak right in without
them noticing us.

: Oh God they spotted us! Prepare for evasive maneuvers!

: Umm ok.

: I think it would be safe to assume this is a trap.

: Ok everyone prepare to be horrible murdered by RAM soldiers at any second.

: Can do.

: Umm... yes we're here to save the kids and totally not to steal everything that isn't nailed down.

: Who? Oh Doctor Williams! He was killed on our last secret mission when we were ambushed by NEO agents. We were lucky to escape as their deadliness was only matched by their sexiness.


: Is anyone else having flash backs?

: I'm sure it's fine. It's not like there's an announcement not to panic or anything.


: This is starting to creep me out.

: I don't know, it kind of feels good to get some respect for once. Even if it is from the enemy...

: Your giving us equipment? For free?

: Of course, we appreciate your help here and want to do whatever it takes to make your job easier... Wait, are you crying?

: *sniff* I just have something in my eye, it's nothing...

: Ok I'm good now... Let's get this show on the road shall we?

: Let's rock!

: Damn, it looks like we're stuck down here.

: That's ok, we'll just scoop up these kids, find a working elevator and be on our way. Easy peasy.

Uh oh, I don't like where this heading.

: Well gentlemen, it looks like we've once again entered into the deaths of
unspeakable horror.



: Chitter!

: Stupid bugs, you go squish now!

: Where the hell did you come from?

: I'm in the main system, so technically I'm everywhere.

: And you couldn't have warned us earlier before we plunged ourselves into another hell hole filled with more affronts to god?

: Nobody asked.

: Scot!

: Hank your up.

: Finally I get to blow something up. Stand back.

: Oh god child gennies! It's like Screamers all over again. Kill them!

: With pleasure!

: Actually I believe these are the children we were sent to find.

: Well then... yay us.

: Hey what are you writing in that note book?

: Oh nothing.

: Don't be silly little boy of course we're not NEO spies.

: Ok then prove it.

umm... uh... Doctor Williams!

: Giant Enemy Crab!

: I'll hit its weak point!

: Massive Damage! Blargh!

: It's like a giant funhouse mirror.

: You do realize the ungodly amount of solar radiation your absorbing right?

: Yoink.

: I did believe I mentioned for you to grab some rope before you came down here, correct?

: When we get back to the ship you and I are going to have a little discussion.

: I'm sure this is not related to the giant lenses we found earlier in any way.

: Daggers in his arms?

: That's right.

: ... Sounds like a nice fellow.

: Ok their gone, you can put your seal clubbing stick down.

: Aw.

: Keycard? Where are we supposed to get one of those?

: Here you go.

: Umm thanks.

: Great and we need a password t...

: DNA.

: Are you a witch?!

Letter to Asteroid Base Commander:

I received message on the 13th, referencing earthbound ship. We have had no contact either, but with SOP of radio silence there is no immediate concern.

A rogue pirate, designation Talon, is enroute to your position. He will conduct transport of satellites to Earth orbital vicinity.

My operation is nearing cleanup stage. Termination of nonessentials will commence on schedule. Expect minimal

Max Wyman
Venus Expeditionary Force
Addendum: The new Ship Codes are attached to this message.

: Hmm... satellites with giant laser beams being placed into Earth's orbit... It's almost like they were making some kind of weapon.

: Yeah right Doc, some sort of magical Doomsday weapon as well I bet. Quit being so silly and let's go.

: Wait, how do you know this is what we needed? Nobody told us we were supposed to be looking for anything!

: Before we left NEO command gave me orders to retrieve decryption codes for the enemy fleet. I'm sure I told you that didn't I?.


: I can't climb all the way up there, I'm not strong enough.

: If your not up there in ten seconds I'm letting the snakes have you. How's that for motivation?

: And then we'll be free from the bad man.

: How about we play a game called 'Shut the Hell Up' ok?

: Good take the little pukes we don't want them.

: I'm going to miss those little guys...

: Miss them? All you did this whole time was threaten to beat them.

: I know, it reminded me of my own childhood. *sniff*

: Well folks we survived another suicide mission. Personally I'm looking forward to a nice leisurely and uneventful ride home.

: Why does god hate me?

: My beautiful ship!

: What does that mean exactly?

: It means we're royally screwed that's what.

: Since we can't shoot back or even move I guess I can try to reason with them.

: Music to my ears.

: Charge!

: Let's see how tough you are face to face!

: Retreat!

: Come back here you pussies, I'm not done with you yet!

: Wait Maur come back!

: ... can't... move.... vision... fading....

: *thump*