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Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday

by Vexation

Part 9: Look who showed up to the party.

Part 7: Look who showed up to the party.

: Oh man... What happened?

: It appears we walked right into a pirate trap like a bunch of idiots.

: Maur you were in front did you remember what happened?

: Purty light go all flashy, nows me no thinks so good.

: Oh great now Maur's retarded.

: Talon eh? We he sounds like a reasonable fellow.

: Prepare to be surprised.

: Ok I'll come peacefully.

: Really?

: Haha No! Try and catch me now suckers!

: *click* We've got another runner in section four. Over.

: Affirmative

: Down I go... *thump*

: So, you decided to kill my meal ticket. I am not pleased.

: You will help negate my losses this trip. I am sure that RAM will
pay through the nose to get the NEO scum that destroyed their base.

: But I'm a friendly guy, so I'm going to give you a chance for freedom. If any one of you challenges me to personal combat and wins, I will free you all and let your ship go. If not, then RAM can feed on your bones.

: Don't worry this will be a fair fight. I will be using heavy body armor and spiked knuckles while you will be bare fisted and in a t-shirt.

: That doesn't sound very fair.

: Well fair for me I meant.

: Come on Maur you can take this guy.

: I don't know, he's still pretty out of it.

: Hello talking flowers!

: He'll be fine. Now get in there champ.

: Kick his ass boss!

: Hello there Mr. Kitty.

: Pathetic!

: Dodge to your left!


: I meant your other left.

: Mr. Kitty no play nice.

: He's getting killed out there. Do something!

: I've got an idea. Maur I bought you ice cream but the bad man took it!

: Nooo! Bad man no take ice cream!

: Argh!

: Booo!

: Time to end this farce.

: Oh this is going to be bad.

: Super-Pirate-Death-Blow!

: Bleh!

: I think I'm going to be sick...

: Yar har har!

: head... where am I?

: Hey your back to normal! You just fought a horribly one-sided
fight against a steroid freak pirate lord.

: ... why would I do something like that?

: Uh, I think you were drunk. :shh:

: Well it wouldn't be the first time I guess...

: Oh please not the cells again. I'm too pretty for prison. I won't survive there.

: Just calm down, the key thing here is not to panic.

: Yes... yes your right... I don't know what came over me. I'm fine now...

: Oh god let me out!

: Please be quiet, I need to concentrate.

: Damn the encryption is too high. Maybe I can pick the lock.


: Hey it's open. You did it! : haw:

: Uh, that wasn't me. Someone seems to have unlocked it from the other side.

: Huh? Who?

: Buck Rogers!! *thump*

: Well... It appears that your friend here has passed out... and wet himself...

: That's not urine.