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Original Thread: Alright, FINE. Let's Play Bulletstorm.



Welcome to
Let's Play Bulletstorm!

Bulletstorm is the thinking man's First Person Shooter, and one of the seminal games of the post-Brown era of gaming. Released in 2011, this often misunderstood video game conveys just how fun it can be to hurt virtual people in a tropical paradise, more effectively presenting the same ideas and talking points as Spec Ops: The Line. As we follow Dick Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato through the tropical resort planet of Pandora STYGIA, we will come across a variety of weaponry including gravity defying boots, a physics-defying leash and a gun that shoots bombs in chained-together pairs.

(screenshot from the Bulletstorm wiki) (yeah, Bulletstorm has a wiki)

Where the gameplay really comes together is the scoring system. You get points for every enemy you kill, with bonuses awarded for difficulty and creativity. Also, any time you find a new way to kill something, you get a bonus for it. The weaponry is made with this system in mind, and offers a nice set of tools for doing very silly things for a lot of points. What this really means is that the better this game is played, the more fun it is to watch. I will try to get almost every skillshot, by which I mean the fun ones (there's only about 2 that aren't fun).

Ishi Sato posted:

You wanna do it? Fine! I do not speak train!

The main draw of the game, at least to me, is the writing. This is a smart-written game that is very good at appearing stupid, and it's littered with brilliant lines that fit perfectly with what the game makes you do. It's fun, it's carefree, it gets you in the mood to kill things that are barely even human in multiple interesting ways. There's also a few recurring elements to keep in mind on a playthrough, such as Grayson falling a great distance and losing consciousness.

Table of contents

Prologue and a bonus: (post) (video, cut video, bonus)
Act 1: (post) (video, cut video)
Act 2: (post) (video, cut video)
Act 3: (post) (video, cut video)
Act 4 Part 1: (post) (video, cut video)
Act 4 Part 2: (post) (video)
Act 5 Part 1: (post) (video, cut video)
Act 5 Part 2: (post) (video, cut video)
Act 6: (post) (video, cut video)
Act 7: (post) (video, cut video)

Bonus video: Failed attempt at commentating on Act 7. (video)
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